The Apex of Upgrades

Glocks are some of the most easily field-stripped pistols on the market today. They’re able to be detail-stripped, too — if you want to go that far. If you do, make sure you know what you’re doing, have a qualified gunsmith or Glock armorer check everything, follow the manufacturer’s owner’s manual, etc. With that, here’s a Glock trigger upgrade that might make your perfect polymer pistol even better. Parts needed for this exercise: the Apex Tactical Glock Action Enhancement Red Trigger and Gen 3 Trigger Bar ($104.95) and Apex Tactical Glock Ultimate Safety Plunger ($17.95). It’ll require detail-stripping your Glock but, once installed, I think you’ll agree the product is aptly named.

A word about the pistol you see here: That’s my Glock 19, a gun that’s been through multiple iterations of changes, enhancements and more. While the red trigger certainly jumps out at you, you’ll notice the front cocking serrations, bull nose treatment and gunmetal gray slide (by Robar); grip “tape” on the rear cocking serrations (by Arachnigrip); and a custom stippling job (its third by yours truly). There are other upgrades, but the trigger was the last item that was still stock — and I really don’t mind the trigger as is. But could it be better? That’s where the Apex comes in.

Field-strip, detail-strip, pop out the stock trigger system and drop in the Apex system. Relatively easy. Trickier was the swap of the stock safety plunger, requiring a detail-strip of the slide. (Pro tip: Be mindful of small springs that may launch themselves across the room.) Once the Apex parts are in, reassemble the gun, double check safety and functionality and give it a whirl at the range. You’ll notice an increase in smoothness overall, slightly shorter overtravel distance and reset and a slightly crisper break. And that’s it.

The safety built into the trigger works just like the stock system and, frankly, you won’t notice that much of a difference in actual trigger feel under the pad of your trigger finger. But the movement just feels cleaner and smoother. If you’re not keen on the red color, Apex also offers a bright blue, purple and, of course, black.

Hundreds of rounds without so much as a hiccup prove the reliability of the Apex system to work within the constructs of this Glock 19. I don’t know if I’m any faster or more accurate — with this type of gun, I’m mainly interested in being “combat effective” — but I can appreciate the potential benefits for competition. As with any gun, carefully and safely clean it and inspect it, checking regularly for functionality and integrity. With the Apex, I’ve had to use compressed air to blow some dust out of the trigger. Other than that, no complaints. In fact, the Apex has been one of the top upgrades of many I’ve made to my Glock 19.