A piece of paper won’t stop a killer. A phone call to police won’t stop a killer. YOU must stop your killer. A young woman in Utah called the police six times in the 10 days before her ex-boyfriend murdered her. She told police the man was a threat. She asked for help. She tried to impart on the police how serious the danger was. She got killed.

I don’t blame the police, even though there are now calls that they could have done more. I blame the killer. You must remember: The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no duty to protect you.

You Need to Be Prepared to Protect Yourself

Our legal system says that a person is innocent until proven guilty. That means the police need substantial evidence before they can step in and take a person into custody BEFORE a crime has been committed. You need to be able to protect yourself. Even if you get the courts involved, that restraining order is just a piece of paper. It is an order telling someone not to come near you. The law against murder is an order telling them not to murder you. Neither of those documents can stop aggressive acts.

Your personal self-defense plan is just that — personal. No one can tell you what you must do, but we at the USCCA are here to show how you can implement the elements of a plan you have created. From situational awareness to conflict avoidance to the tactical skills needed to win the gunfight, the USCCA is here to help you learn everything you need to know. But we can’t save your life; only YOU can do that.

Take the First Step in Becoming a Confident Defender

Now is the time for you to take the necessary steps. Become someone who can protect yourself and your loved ones. Don’t wait for help. It is not coming.