Mike and His Money


Michael Bloomberg — 75, former New York City mayor — wants to be president of the United States. Bloomberg is a billionaire. He can spread money to his causes easier than you and I can spread butter on toast. His primary mission, it seems, is to take your guns. He wants national gun registration, licensing and “red flag” laws. He wants to outlaw semi-automatic firearms. As far as constitutional rights, he simply laughs at our concealed carry permits. He says it is the government’s job to protect you.

Bloomberg is serious. He has a history of telling people what to do and think, violating their rights to privacy and freedom of movement. Federal courts ruled that his “stop-and-frisk” policy — wherein police could halt any citizen at any time and force them to submit to a humiliating search — was unconstitutional. Do you remember his unconstitutional outlawing of Big Gulp sodas?

In Aspen

Now that he is running for president, buying ad time on every television channel and outspending all of his Democratic rivals for that office, let’s recall Bloomberg’s 2015 arguments at the Aspen Institute.

The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies is an “international nonprofit think tank … a nonpartisan forum for values-based leadership and the exchange of ideas.”

Mike said America should take guns away from inner-city minorities — especially men between 15 and 25 years old — to keep them alive. “These kids just don’t have any long-term focus or anything,” he said. “It’s a joke to have a gun. It’s a joke to pull the trigger.”

Disarming minorities “for their own good” has a harmful background. Nazis disarmed Jews before herding them toward gas chambers. England disarmed the Scots and Irish before starving millions to death and exiling millions more. America’s white supremacists want to disarm minorities and return to a segregated society. Hence, public comments by an elitist billionaire who wants to be the boss cannot be ignored.

Bloomberg in Harlem

In his Aspen speech, Bloomberg mentioned he had once been invited to speak to a Baptist church in Harlem. “While I’m sitting there waiting for [the preacher] to introduce me, he said to his congregation, ‘You know, if every one of you stopped and frisked your kid before they went out at night, the mayor wouldn’t have to do it.’ And so I knew I was going to be OK with that audience.”

Bloomberg heard a battle cry for greater government regulation and intervention. But the preacher actually urged private, individual, family responsibility for self-defense and prosperity.

The “stop-and-frisk” policy took a few guns off the streets of New York. It also angered minorities, who felt harassed and discriminated against.

What Bloomberg fails to learn (or refuses to believe) is that the best solution to building resilient families is to enable them to take care of themselves and have the tools to succeed locally. That means not just allowing but also actively promoting self-defense strategies. Government, hands off our families and our firearms.

About Rick Sapp

Rick Sapp earned his Ph.D. in social anthropology after his time in the U.S. Army working for the 66th Military Intelligence Group, USAREUR, during the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. Following his time in Paris, France, he worked for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service before turning to journalism and freelance writing. Along with being published in several newspapers and magazines, Rick has authored more than 50 books for a variety of publishers.


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