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[WATCH] What Happens When a Mass Shooter Strikes in a Place of Sanctuary…

Hopefully by now you’ve watched your first USCCA Proving Ground video, where you learned what you need to do to prevent a nightmare mass shooter scenario from happening to you

Whether you’re at church or in your local grocery store, it’s crucial that you know where to be, what to look for and when to intervene if a mass shooter attack happens in an area where many innocent lives are at stake.

That’s why I want you to watch this next video scenario, so you can uncover the key elements to staying alive:

[WATCH] What To Do If The Unthinkable Happens To You…

You’ll see just how quickly a peaceful day of worship gets turned into a fight for survival when a mass shooter opens fire on an unexpecting congregation…

And witness — firsthand the real-life threats houses of worship face every day, and why they always need to be prepared for the unthinkable…

Trust me, this eye-opening video is something you, your loved ones and even your entire congregation need to see…

[WATCH] What To Do If The Unthinkable Happens To You…

Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt

President | USCCA

P.S. – Every time I hear about an attack on a place of worship, it hits me like a punch to the gut…

Growing up, I was never worried about someone coming into my church and harming innocent people — but we live in a very different world now

Unfortunately, we live in a time when violence and shootings are becoming more and more common…

And that’s why this training is so important!

I’m bringing lifesaving training tips that’ll improve your odds of survival directly into your home with your 2nd free training video → Watch Now


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