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Making Safety a Way of Life


The USCCA sat down with its newest partner Tim Kennedy to discuss how every responsible gun owner can make training for safety an ongoing journey and way of life. As a Special Forces Operator, TV host and MMA fighter, Tim has been — and continues to be — dedicated to empowering protectors and preserving life.

Tim’s hard-earned lessons and extensive self-defense training make this a must-watch video for those striving to become better protectors for the people they love.

Tune in right here at 7 p.m. Central Time, May 28, to watch.

In this newest podcast episode, Tim will join Steve Fischer, USCCA Training Operations Manager, and Marchelle Davis, USCCA Staff Instructor, to discuss how they work to sharpen the skills and self-defense mindsets of the students they teach. They’ll also share some of their own personal stories and the tools they trust to help them protect their loved ones.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Ways you can improve your own training and build a stronger self-defense mindset
  • How the USCCA can help veterans, millennials and everyone in between become better protectors
  • Important firearms and gear choices, such as whether or not to use a red-dot sight
  • What you can learn — and win — with the Tim Kennedy Experience, which will give two people the chance to dive into the life of Tim Kennedy for two days

Don’t miss this entertaining but impactful discussion with someone who has made it his life’s mission to protect.

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