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As you might imagine, the USCCA is simply abuzz with activity all the time. Teams throughout the company are constantly working to provide more and better benefits for our members, reaching out to responsibly armed Americans who have not yet heard of us, and providing information about effective self-defense to anyone who wants it.

Since I started in 2012, the USCCA Content Team has grown from three members to 10 and the content we provide has also grown in many different ways. It’s just what we do and what we love to do. Concealed Carry Magazine and our video production team have both won national awards for content excellence. Content Team members continue to grow personally and professionally through all sorts of training and, perhaps most importantly, we have remained responsive to the wants and needs of our readers and viewers. We love the feedback—both good and bad—because it helps us to stay on course and grow in our efforts to provide the best and most valuable information in this very important field.

There is an old saying about rough stock in the rodeo: They don’t buck because they are in the rodeo; they are in the rodeo because they buck. That is precisely how it works with the USCCA Content Team. We don’t do this stuff because it is our job. We have this job because we do this stuff. Every single person on this team is constantly looking for more and better ways to improve and expand what we do.

So, you will be seeing some subtle changes in our video offerings in the next few months.

Into the Fray will remain focused on the elements of self-defense, including effective concepts, tactics, and drills that will help you prevail if you are ever involved in a deadly force incident.

A new video segment will come online soon called The USCCA Gun Vault. For that video series, I will raid the vault every week and discuss one defensive firearm in a short review to include technical specifications, fit and finish, performance, and price. I will put rounds downrange and talk about what I like and don’t like about the piece. As I type these words, we are about a month away from getting segments done and ready to roll.

We are also working on bringing Gear We Love, the four-page section from Concealed Carry Magazine, to video. This video segment will select one item from our previous GWL columns and provide viewers with a look at how the item works and the benefits it offers. We will be very clear on where and how you can buy the gear our Content Team stands behind. As you can imagine, this video segment will not be a weekly production, but will be created as we work our way through the list of items we wish to push forward.

We take the trust you have placed in us very seriously. We also understand the level of cynicism that runs through the world of media and commerce. Our goal is to never betray that trust. Because this job is not just something we do. This is something we live, every day.


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