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Handloading as a Form of Protest


The concealed carry community overwhelmingly contains citizens who follow the rules. That is getting increasingly hard these days, however, as cunning politicians manipulate the written rules of the Constitution that founded America. So, as the rules change, we have to find ways to adapt in order to provide maximum security for ourselves and our family.

Handloading is a hands-on skill you can be proud of; an engaging hobby that allows you to build your own ammo and experiment with bullet components. While not every competitive venue allows reloaded cartridges, handloaded shells and cartridges are excellent for range practice. If you shoot more than a few times a year, the additional cost of your ammo — gear is modestly expensive at first — will soon be negligible.

A revolver lying on a black nylon holster before a canister of HI-SKOR 800X smokeless powder

The advantages of handloading ammo are many: customized loads, great mental exercise, inexpensive shells or cartridges if you pull the trigger more than a few times a year and no limit on your shooting (hence a finger in the eye of anti-gun politicians). Photo by Rick Sapp.

Oregonians Need This New Hobby

Two professional politicians in Oregon have introduced Senate Bill 501, which, according to the NRA, “would fundamentally change the state’s firearms laws, recasting them as the most restrictive in the country.” If passed into law, SB 501 would require prospective gun owners to obtain a license before making a firearms purchase. It would make magazines capable of holding more than five rounds illegal and limit individual ammunition purchases to no more than 20 rounds every 30 days.

Senator Rob Wagner is sponsoring SB 501 (along with Rep. Andrea Salinas). Both are from Lake Oswego, an upscale Portland bedroom community. Wagner, it seems, is a wholly owned subsidiary of New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg contributed a measly $2,500 to Wagner’s political campaign through his “Everytown For Gun Safety” puppets. And for that pitiful amount, Wagner agreed to sell out the hunting, shooting and concealed carry communities.

Searching for Skeletons

“The bill is strongly opposed by both state and national gun-rights groups, as well as Republicans in the legislature.” How often have we read something similar to this in the news?

Besides ammo restrictions and requirements for licensing, SB 501 also mandates that background checks be delayed for two weeks to allow Oregon’s State Police time to “research” would-be buyers. Cops could show up at your place of work, interview your neighbors or study your Facebook and Twitter profiles for politically incorrect postings. SB 501 also proposes fines for gun owners who fail to report lost or stolen firearms and requires owners to lock up their guns when not “in use.”

SB 501 has no provision for self-defense or self-defense firearms. Neither does its language allow owners to retain possession of currently owned, currently legal magazines which may be affected by the ban.

Got Those Gun-Grabbing Blues

Wagner and Salinas say their bill has minimal chances of becoming law this year. Nevertheless, Democrats enjoy a super-majority in both the Oregon House and Senate, which means they can pass practically any legislation that Bloomberg or U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorses.

If SB 501 does pass, Governor Kate Brown, an anti-gun Democrat, would sign it without hesitation. Brown, who has in the past directed state police to track and analyze gun transactions, as well as urged Congress to ban “assault weapons” and enact no fly/no buy legislation, received a $250,000 campaign donation from Bloomberg in 2016.

So, it is never too late to learn a new skill. Numerous sources of quality gear, instructional manuals and supplies are readily available for handloading. Handloading ammo is a way to subvert the socialist politicians in Washington, D.C. or your state capital — that in itself is a good reason to look into it.

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