How to Easily Carry a Reload

I just completed a training event at Close Quarters Tactical in Shelby Township, Michigan. The class, titled Handgun 2 because it is the second in a series, covered everything from using ballistic protection to firing accurately while moving to clearing malfunctions in your gun to performing tactical and emergency reloads. You’ll read more about my training experience in a later article. Today, I’m going to highlight a piece of gear related to one aspect of the class: the need to be able to access a reload quickly.

You have a reload of some kind on your person when you carry, don’t you? If not, you probably should. Consider what can go wrong in a gunfight: You run out of ammo, you accidentally drop a magazine out of your gun, you accidentally open the cylinder of your revolver and the rounds fall out, you experience a pistol malfunction and so on and so forth. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, right?

After all, adding a reload to your carry gear can be as simple as dropping a spare magazine in your pocket. But I’m going to argue for a belt-mounted pouch or carrier that keeps the reload at the ready, near your weak hand. Plenty of gear exists allowing you to easily clip a spare magazine (or, for a revolver, a spare moon clip or speedloader) to your belt. Here are three options:

JOX Loader Pouch. Revolvers are still viable concealed carry guns, and whether yours holds five rounds or eight (or more!), carrying a reload is a very good idea. Pouches for revolver reloads have been around forever, but JOX proves there’s still innovation to be enjoyed in this market. The JOX Loader Pouch is simple, lightweight, eminently durable and easy to conceal. It clips to a gun belt and hangs on tight — even with eight rounds of .357 Magnum in a moon clip on board. Putting it on and taking it off are a chore, but you’re rewarded accordingly: The rounds in tow ride above the belt, pulled in close to the body. Learn more at

MultiHolster Magazine Holster. Another simple plastic solution for a typical pistol magazine, the MultiHolster mag holster clips confidently to a gun belt and rides outside the waistband. The carrier puts a user-adjustable amount of friction on the magazine. Hiding a single magazine is no trouble, even if it is a typical double-stack, and you can easily slide it to your preferred location on your weak side. Magazine ride height is on the higher side. Easy on. Easy off, too. Learn more at

Galco QMC. QMC stands for Quick Magazine Carrier and, indeed, it is, because the plastic clip snaps on to a gun belt quickly. Same basic idea as the MultiHolster but sporting a premium steerhide leather carrier, QMC is good-looking and smooth. Ride height is in the middle. While it is easy-on, the J-clip tenaciously hangs on to a belt and keeps the carrier sure and steady. So it takes a bit more effort to remove it from your belt when the day is done. Learn more at

Back to my training event. I saw all manner of spare magazine pouches used by my fellow students. Some worked well, others not so much. What I learned (again!) was that a reload needs to be in the same place on your person, accessible and stable. Whether it goes on or off easily isn’t too big of a deal. What’s most important is that this piece of gear makes carrying and accessing your reload easier.