Why Don’t Gun Safety Groups Provide Training?

I’m all about training. Effective training provides information and allows people to make informed choices. Schools provide sex education training in an effort to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Driver education classes reduce the number of vehicle crashes. If you work at McDonald’s they train you how to operate the deep fryer so you don’t hurt yourself. In shop class in high school, the first lesson was about safety and it was reinforced at the start of every class.

Well, being in the gun industry and being a USCCA-certified trainer and an NRA-certified trainer, I like to keep up on firearms safety issues. Doing some internet searching, I found a group called Everytown for Gun Safety and figured I would take a look at their gun safety program, get certified as a safety trainer, and help reduce the number of unsafe acts involving firearms.

So I searched their website. I checked every single page. There was not a single reference to firearms safety training. There was no mention of the four universal firearms safety rules. There was not a single reference to firearms or the basic information about how guns work. I was always taught that knowledge is power and in order to make something safe, I first had to know how it works.

I desperately would like to become a certified instructor with Everytown for Gun Safety. Can someone please direct me to where I can take one of their safety classes, what the safety curriculum is, and how many hours of gun safety instruction are required to become an Everytown for Gun Safety certified instructor? Where do I find an instructor development class?

Does the class start with the common safety rules and gun nomenclature? What is the final written exam like? Is there a practical field test, like with hunter education classes? Is there range time associated with the gun safety certification? How many rounds of ammunition are typically fired during an Everytown for Gun Safety class? Is there a certificate suitable for framing after completion of the gun safety instructor course given by Everytown for Gun Safety? How many states recognize this certification?

I’m assuming that once I’m a credentialed Everytown for Gun Safety instructor, I can then provide legislators with all of the vast knowledge I’ve gleaned from the courses on gun safety taught by Everytown for Gun Safety? Can I work as a lobbyist with this certification or am I just supposed to be a “consultant” to the various politicians and activist groups?

I’ve searched their website, emailed them, and even tried to post my question on their Facebook page, but my questions mysteriously disappear.

It should be clear that I am being a bit sarcastic about the intentions of this group. They are not a gun safety group. They are a gun control group. They only want to take your guns away from you. If you look closely at all the so-called gun safety organizations in this country, you will find that most are gun control groups operating without any connection to true gun safety.

Everytown for Gun Safety is a sham. I’m preaching to the choir about this, but the next time you hear someone talking about one of these groups, ask that person, “What has your group done to teach people about gun safety?” Then just sit back and wait for the dumb look that will shortly appear on that person’s face. The USCCA offers a great online learning program. It will teach you firearms handling and proper concealed carry techniques from start to finish. Take the training. No matter how much you think you know about guns, this program will expand your knowledge and that will make you a safer, better, and more responsible gun owner. This country needs more of those.

Learn more about the USCCA’s eLearning program here.

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