I’ve tested a number of Crimson Trace laser sights over the years, but all have been some version of the original Lasergrip. This system could be mounted on any of the defensive handguns I use — from 1911s to various Glocks. However, the grip design of the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact I now own requires a different laser sight system. Crimson Trace’s Laserguard unit fits the bill.

Lighting up the M&P M2.0 With Crimson Trace Laserguard

Most laser sight manufacturers rely primarily on standard off/on switches on systems. I prefer Crimson Trace’s momentary pressure switches as the method of laser sight operation, especially for handguns. Crimson Trace calls this switching system Instinctive Activation (IA). To activate IA sights, simply grasp the pistol with one hand in a normal shooting grip and gently increase the pressure on the switch via the web of the hand or middle finger depending on the switch position. You don’t need to adjust or alter your shooting grip. The decision-making process required to activate a traditional on/off switch is eliminated, saving time and reducing distraction.

Crimson Trace Offers Streamlined Sighting

Unlike the Lasergrip, the Laserguard sighting system mounts to the handgun by clamping primarily onto the trigger guard. If a pistol has a rail, the Laserguard can also clamp there as a secondary mounting point. The activation switch rests on the front strap of the pistol, positioning the switch for activation by the shooter’s middle finger and making it totally ambidextrous. The wide variety of Laserguard sights now available from Crimson Trace gives laser sight capability to handguns whose designs precluded the use of laser sighting systems.

I mounted the red LG-362 Laserguard sight on my 10mm M&P M2.0 Compact pistol. The LG-362 red and LG-362G green Laserguard sights are available for M2.0 pistols of all sizes. Crimson Trace sent one of each for evaluation.

How to Install CT Laserguard

The Laserguard is one of the easiest of all the Crimson Trace laser sights to install. It consists of two half sections. The right side contains the battery pack for the laser module, the laser assembly itself and the activation switch. The left section secures the right half to the trigger guard and rail.

Install the battery pack — positive side up — before mounting the right side to the trigger guard. Then secure the right half to the frame. Gently press the right side onto the trigger guard and into the proper groove of the rail. It will click into place. Insert the rear locking tab on the left half into the slot at the rear of the right half. Then press the left half into place against the right half. Install the two (tiny) locking screws with the included Allen wrenches, which will also be used to adjust windage and elevation.

Make sure the unit is secure. On the right side of the LG-362 is the small access port for the windage adjustment screw. Directly below that on the bottom of the sight is the elevation adjustment port. You will need to ensure the laser dot aligns with the front and rear sight of the handgun before using the handgun for self-defense. I like to sight handgun laser sights in for the longest uninterrupted distance in my home, which is roughly 20 feet. Holding the front and rear sight in alignment, adjust the laser dot so it sits on top of the front sight. This way I can always see the laser dot on the target when the sights are in alignment. That allows my eyes to clearly focus on a threat.

Fitting the S&W With Laser Sight in a Holster

Even though the laser module on the LG-362 is highly streamlined, it adds additional bulk to the front of the gun. As such, it won’t fit in every holster designed for the M&P. It just so happened that I had a SwapRig Revolution hybrid holster for my S&W M&P M2.0 9mm. SwapRig advertises their holsters as able to accommodate a wide range of lights, lasers and slide-mounted optics without requiring a special model.

Since the M&P M2.0 in 10mm has the same exterior dimensions as the 9mm M&P, the 10mm slipped right in with the LG-362 attached. The combination carried comfortably, and the Laserguard provided additional reassurance I would be able to deliver precision shots if called upon.

Wrap Up

As usual, a Crimson Trace product makes an excellent weapon even more effective by providing improved suspect/threat identification. The battery pack has a four-hour runtime. The LG-362 Red Laser is priced at $269.99 and comes with a three-year warranty. The green LG-362G is priced at $359.99.


Crimson Trace: CrimsonTrace.com
Smith & Wesson: Smith-Wesson.com
SwapRig: SwapRigHolsters.com

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