I’ve been using Crimson Trace gear — particularly their first product: Crimson Trace Lasergrip — since around 1998. In those days, many considered them a novelty or even a “toy” and not a serious defensive device. However, I quickly became sold on the effectiveness of Crimson Trace as de-escalation tools and have Lasergrips mounted on all of my primary defensive pistols.

About the CMR-207G Rail Master Pro

The Rail Master Pro is a relatively new addition to the Crimson Trace family. It combines a powerful yet compact LED tactical light with green laser sight. There are several very nice features making the system very easy to operate.

For those of you who are new to the defensive shooting world, it wasn’t so very long ago when green laser sights were a lot more expensive than red laser sights. Further, creating a green laser does not mean simply putting a blue filter over a red laser. The technology is different. Earlier models of green lasers required double the battery power (often a specialty type), were larger than red lasers and didn’t operate well in the cold.

With advancing technology, those problems have been worked out. Price differences between green and red lasers are now between $40 to $60, and batteries are a more commonly available variety. For instance, both the red and green laser Rail Master Pro combo lights use a single CR123 lithium cell.

The Crimson Trace CMR-207G Rail Master Pro is extremely well thought out and the obvious beneficiary of operator input somewhere along the line. It is streamlined and operationally improved over previous competing designs. I decided to mount in on the new 10mm Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 to get a feel for it, and I really like it due to its many operational plusses.

Plusses No Minuses

Loading the single battery requires only that you unscrew the lamp end and drop the CR123 in positive end first like a standard flashlight. No trap door compartments or locking mechanisms to unhinge or unscrew. And there’s no need to dismount the light first for access.

Mounting is unbelievably easy and fumble-free as well. Simply loosen the large flathead screw on the right side of the CMR-207G and mount the light in the appropriate rail groove. Then tighten the screw and you are ready to go. The screw is sized perfectly for a Swiss Army Knife screwdriver blade. If needed, there is a second threaded set of holes on the mounting rail you can use with the locking screw to adjust the fit simply by switching it out. The light can be disabled for safe storage by turning the lamp lens back counterclockwise. This disables the light and laser without risking dropping or losing the lamp module, which stays securely in place. This capability is an important safety feature as accidentally leaving a unit on too long can be a fire hazard.

Using the Crimson Trace Rail Master

The switch activation/selection system has been simplified as well. The ambidextrous operating paddles are the only two operating switches on the CMR-207G. The trigger finger of either hand can easily reach the switches. One touch provides a continuous ON setting of the pre-selected light and laser. There is no momentary ON setting. Momentary use of the light/laser is obtained by double-tapping the switch. There is also no strobe setting. Strobes look cool but are rarely used in real life.

Selecting the light and laser modes is simple, too, and unlikely to result in an accidental selection. To move between the three modes of laser only, light only and light/laser simply press and hold both activation switches for three seconds. Through my years of working both patrol and SWAT, I’ve found it is best to leave whatever combo system you are using in the laser/light mode indoors and out.

The LED lamp puts out 400 lumens of light. This is plenty for indoor and outdoor searches with a pistol. There is no back splatter reflection off light-colored walls that one experiences using LED lights in the 1000-lumen range. You won’t miss a thing with 400 lumens. The CMR-207G also automatically shuts off after five minutes of continuous run time. Rare are the searches where you run a weapon light for five continuous minutes.

Wrap Up

The Crimson Trace CMR-207G is simply the best combination weapon light/laser sight on the market today. Period. While it is a “universal” weapon light system that “fits most” Picatinny and Weaver accessory rails, including those used on rifles and shotguns, it is too large for a micro-compact pistol like the Springfield Hellcat. But Crimson Trace has other light-only models available for pistols of that size.

The CMR-207G is a great home-defense light, as well as a great carry light for duty or concealed carry.


Crimson Trace: CrimsonTrace.com
Smith & Wesson: Smith-Wesson.com

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