My name is Jason, and I’m a concealed carry newbie. Sure, I got my Texas License to Carry a Handgun back in 2013, but that class was more of a bro-date with my dad than anything else. It was an opportunity to spend some quality time with the snowbird who first taught me which end of a rifle goes bang. His goal was to be able to strap on a snake gun while out on hikes with my mom. Neither of us had any intention of carrying every day. As far as I know, Dad has yet to blast any rattlers.

From Texas to the Frozen Tundra

When I moved back to Wisconsin, my Texas permit served as proof of qualification to apply for a Wisconsin CCW permit. But I still didn’t carry. Strike that — I carried once, for about 30 minutes, while walking a friend’s tiny dog at night in a sketchier part of Madison. In hindsight, I definitely wasn’t carrying safely (pocket-carrying a compact Taurus .45 with no holster). And if I’m being honest, I didn’t know enough about Wisconsin concealed carry laws to say whether or not I fumbled over any statutes. And I certainly wasn’t thinking about what could happen to me in the aftermath of a self-defense incident. Neither the dog nor I fell victim to bad guys or negligence that night. I guess luck was with us.

The .45 was relegated back to collecting dust on my nightstand for the next few years.

What Wonders Awaited

A few months ago, I started my career as a proofreader and content assistant for the USCCA. It became my job to pore over thousands of pages of true-life stories. Reading these tales of heroes and victims and bad guys and the senseless depravity of the criminal fringe — plus a plethora of incredible concealed carry safety tips, gear reviews and shooting drills — opened my eyes to two things: one, how important it is to be ever-vigilant for your own safety and that of your family, and two, how little I really knew about safe and responsible concealed carry.

Thank heavens I wasn’t actually carrying for all those years.

We All Have to Start Our Concealed Carry Journey Somewhere

So, I consider myself brand-spankin’ new to the concealed carry lifestyle. And I’ve been given the opportunity to periodically share my newbie experiences with my USCCA family. While I know many of our readers have been carrying for decades, we can’t ignore those who, like me, are just starting out and can find great value in content geared toward brand-new CCW permit holders … or people who might as well be new to concealed carry.

Let’s learn these ropes together.


About Jason Braun

Jason Braun works as a proofreader and content assistant for Concealed Carry Magazine. He enjoys writing, illustration and the great outdoors. One of Jason’s favorite aspects of his position within the USCCA is his “duty” — pleasure, really — to read and learn about self-defense, home defense and the concealed carry lifestyle. His everyday carry is a .45 XD-S Mod.2 from Springfield Armory.