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Concealed Carry Like a Boss


The Boss by Packin’ Neat is a multi-pocketed, holster-equipped purse insert that provides a concealed carry option for women. It functions just as well for me as it does for my wife. The Boss fits not only most of my wife’s purses, totes and other handbags, but also my shoulder bag. It even helped me organize one of my backpacks. That’s the beauty of this concealed carry solution: You buy one product, and it can function in many of your already-existing carry items, from purses to shoulder bags.

The Boss is a well-executed organizational tool. Sporting myriad vertical pockets and durable nylon construction, it features an integrated concealed carry holster. This dedicated pocket uses a Packin’ Neat firearm-specific holster to keep the gun muzzle down and stocks up, ready to grasp. You will not see the gun because a flap goes over the pocket opening and attaches with a magnetic clasp. Since the whole unit is black, when you look down into your bag, it just looks like a pocket of some kind.

My wife appreciated the well-thought-out, integrated concealed carry holster, but she really enjoyed the organizational power offered by the other pockets. Besides the large center pocket, the Boss provides slots and pockets to hold a mobile phone, tactical pen, notebook and other essentials such as gum, hand lotion, sunglasses and more. Packed into my shoulder bag, the Boss was pressed flatter but provided room for my stuff: pens, a charger, wires, a tactical flashlight and a granola bar. I usually carry a gun in the Boss only when going to and from the office. Otherwise, my gun is on my person. Since my wife virtually always has her purse on her person, her gun stays in her purse, in the Boss, in the Packin’ Neat holster.

My wife and I are J-frame kind of people, so we use the Packin’ Neat revolver holster. Other Packin’ Neat holsters accommodate other guns — from small semi-auto pistols to large-barreled revolvers. Our reload options include speedloaders and speed strips. Both could be put into almost all of the Boss pockets, but the speed strips were obviously the flattest and easiest to conceal. The speed strip tab also provides a useful means of grabbing the reload. Since the purse or bag would likely still be carried on the strong side, it is necessary to practice to execute the reload.

Besides the Boss, Packin’ Neat offers concealed carry solutions for smaller purses or bags too. Products include the Tactical, the Skinny and the Mini. Like the Boss, each drops into a purse or bag, turning it into a viable concealed carry solution. Retailing for $92.95, the Boss comes in black only, just like the Mini, but the Tactical is available in zebra and khaki. Got a purse or bag you love to use but don’t have a viable means of carrying a concealed handgun in it? The solutions from Packin’ Neat are a worth a look and, with proper off-body carry techniques, will have you carrying concealed like a boss.

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