Changes to NC Concealed Carry Law go into Effect Oct. 1, 2013

Lawmakers in North Carolina recently approved a bill that has made it possible for concealed carry permit holders to carry their guns in more places. The bill was approved by the NC House and Senate and signed into law on July 29, 2013. It will allow those with a concealed carry permit to carry their guns into bars and restaurants as well as greenways, playgrounds, and other public recreational areas when it goes into effect on October 1, 2013. Concealed carry permit holders will also be able to store their firearms in a locked vehicle on public school and university campuses, according to Raleigh-Durham ABC affiliate WTVD-TV.

In addition to increasing the number of places where concealed carry permit holders may take their guns, the new legislation has brought a few changes to the handgun purchase permit law in North Carolina. The NRA Institute for Legislative Action outlines them as follows:

  • An improved, streamlined permit issuing process
  • Revocation requirements for people that have been issued a permit and later are prohibited from buying or owning a firearm
  • A new and improved reporting process for records of those who are prohibited from buying or possessing firearms to the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System
  • Safeguards for confidentiality of those who apply for a handgun purchase permit

While some may worry that this law will lead to an increased number of unaccountable carriers, Representative John Faircloth says, “Responsible people are generally the ones who have concealed carry permits. They don’t want to get in trouble. They don’t want to ruin what they know was a good constitutional right.”

It’s been exciting to see the development of the new concealed carry law in North Carolina. We encourage everyone who carries concealed in North Carolina and beyond to become responsibly armed citizens by knowing the law and receiving the proper self-defense education, training, as well as legal protection that can cover your legal fees in the event that you’re prosecuted for justifiably defending yourself with your firearm. The USCCA invites all concealed carriers to check out our website for a variety of helpful materials ranging from gun and gear reviews to skill tips and other benefits with USCCA membership.

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