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Local Reverend Stops Vicious Neighborhood Attack

It had started off as a normal day in Bruce’s Florida neighborhood. As a reverend, Vietnam veteran and USCCA Member, Bruce loved spending time in his quiet, close-knit community.

Suddenly, he heard a commotion coming from one of his neighbors homes. As the sounds of angry shouting grew louder, it became clear that something was terribly wrong. Fearing for the safety of the community, Bruce cautiously approached the house.

What he saw horrified him.

His neighbor was outside being attacked, actively warding off blows from an irate tow-truck driver who was parked nearby.

Bruce tried to deescalate the situation, and begged the attacker to stop….

It was then that he heard his neighbor yell “Bruce! Watch out!”

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ARRESTED for Using Pepper Spray in Self-Defense

While driving home from work, USCCA member Brad Ensign noticed a car swerving dangerously through traffic. Wanting to avoid the erratic driver, he gave the vehicle a wide berth.

But there was no getting away from the road rager when Brad wound up right next to him at a red light. It was then that the crazed man turned his attention towards him and began screaming obscenities.

Shocked, Brad watched the man get out of his car and angrily close the gap between them…

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Armed Thugs Threaten Kids and Customers in Barber Shop

USCCA Member David Jackson had just sat down for a haircut at his local barbershop when his whole world was turned upside down.

He was chatting with his barber while his children sat only feet away, waiting for them to be finished. It seemed like a normal day.

Suddenly, two masked men burst into the shop and took aim at the customers, one with long gun, and one with a pistol.

While shouting demands, the armed robbers quickly knocked David’s barber to the ground and pressed the barrel of the long gun against his head.

Fearing the worst, David pleaded with the men on behalf of his children, but the situation quickly escalated…

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Trapped by a Crazed Boyfriend

Kerri Ann, a gun owner and USCCA Member in Florida, thought her day was going to be like any other when she left to go to her friend’s house for lunch.

When she arrived however, she saw that something was seriously wrong.
Upon entering the house, she found herself in the middle of a loud and heated argument between her friend and her friend’s boyfriend.

Seeing her friend visibly upset and the boyfriend quickly spiraling out of control, Kerri tried to de-escalate the situation.

That’s when the enraged boyfriend turned on her…

Read all of Keri Ann’s story here…

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