USCCA President Tim Schmidt Voices Support for Concealed Carry on West Virginia College Campuses

“Responsibly-Armed Americans Often the First Line of Defense in Active Shooter Situations”


West Bend, WI – The President and Founder of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), which represents more than 420,000 law-abiding and responsibly-armed Americans, today voiced his support for allowing people with concealed carry permits to carry weapons and protect themselves and others on college campuses in West Virginia.

“We at the USCCA believe the focus of all state and local governments should be on supporting more responsibly-armed Americans, such as law enforcement and
concealed carry permit holders, who are often the first line of defense in active shooter situations,” USCCA President Tim Schmidt said today. “Responsible gun
owners take self-defense seriously, and these individuals have already proven that they are willing to comply with the law, by fulfilling all of the requirements
associated with obtaining a concealed carry permit. Criminals, by definition, have no regard for laws or permits or gun free zones, and by allowing safe,
responsible citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights, our communities and our campuses could be much safer.”

Schmidt’s statement comes as the West Virginia House of Delegates Judiciary Committee held a hearing Monday on House Bill 2519, the Campus Self Defense Act,
which would require colleges to allow those with a concealed carry permit to exercise their Second Amendment privilege on campus.

The USCCA, which is the largest and fastest growing association in the country whose sole focus is the responsibly-armed American, has almost 300,000 members in every state, including many in West Virginia.

One of Four Americans Own A Gun

The organization provides education, training and self-defense protection to responsible American gun owners. Roughly one out of every four Americans now own or have a gun in their home, and over 18 million Americans now have a concealed carry permit, including many women and minorities. Study after study has shown that these Americans are among the most law-abiding citizens in the country and they have the necessary knowledge, training and experience to protect those around them.

About the USCCA:

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) provides education, training and self-defense protection to responsible American gun owners. Headquartered in West Bend, WI, the USCCA is the largest and fastest-growing association whose sole focus is the responsibly armed American.

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