Support More Responsibly Armed Americans, Not More Failed Gun Laws

Tim Schmidt Featured In The Pittsburgh Tribune Commenting On Recent Gun Ban

April 6th, 2019 

Founder and President of the USCCA Tim Schmidt’s Op-Ed was featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune this past weekend discussing his stance on the recently passed gun ban by the Pittsburgh City Council.

Schmidt said, “Regardless of each others’ views on the Second Amendment and what many Americans believe to be a God-given right to self-defense, we all are working toward a common goal of stopping future tragedies. And the reality is that government regulations that impede on Americans’ Second Amendment freedoms have proven useless in reducing gun violence.”

He went on to acknowledge the coming of the USCCA’s Concealed Carry Expo to Pittsburgh May 17th – 19th, 2019 and invited the Mayor and the Pittsburgh City Council to attend the event to experience the training and meet the literally thousands of responsibly armed Americans whose live’s are impacted by the gun ban.

“Although we all pray they will never need to use what they learn, we expect over 10,000 Americans who support the right to self-defense will be given the training and knowledge they need to protect themselves, their families and their fellow citizens in the event of another horrific shooting.” said, Schmidt.

“It is my hope that the mayor and City Council will join us at the expo to help find common ground on these critical issues and educate themselves on the critical role that responsibly armed Americans can play in strengthening public safety.”

Read the full Op-Ed published in the Pittsburgh Tribune here.

About the USCCA

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) provides self-defense education, training, and legal protection responsible American gun owners. Headquartered in West Bend, WI, the USCCA is the largest and fastest-growing association whose sole focus is the responsibly armed American.