Schmidt noted that gun ownership and self-defense come with great responsibility, encouraging all Americans — particularly first-time firearms owners — to educate and train themselves in this critical area: “I applaud all of these brand-new people [who] are buying guns. […] So many — 90 percent — of these … people buying guns have never owned guns before. They’ve probably never even touched a gun,” he said.

Schmidt continued, “Now, don’t get me wrong, Tucker. I personally think that firearms ownership is a natural-born right of free people. But with that right comes a tremendous responsibility, and that responsibility is to be trained. […] If you’re watching this and you just bought a gun for self-defense, get training. […] It will help you be a better defender, which we all know you’re going to have to be.”

Providing education and training to responsible gun owners is critical to our mission at the USCCA. We are proud and encouraged that thousands of Americans are taking the first step toward being the ultimate protectors for themselves and their families. We at the USCCA believe that government at ALL levels should be supporting and protecting all Americans’ right to self-defense, and we will continue on our quest to help you become the best protector you can be.

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