Congressman Steve Scalise Joins USCCA President Tim Schmidt for Discussion on the Right to Bear Arms, Self-Defense

WEST BEND, WI – USCCA President and Founder Tim Schmidt hosted a discussion with Congressman and House Republican Whip Steve Scalise about the importance of the Second Amendment, actions Americans can take to protect their right to bear arms, and record gun sales throughout 2020. Their conversation also touched on the importance of passing the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act and the pending confirmation of a new U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Tim Schmidt discussed renewed conversations and calls to pass the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act after the 2017 shooting incident where Congressman Scalise and others were ambushed at a baseball practice. “There are hundreds of thousands of people across the country who are responsibly armed, and they’re in the same situation — whether they’re going state to state or in buildings where they can’t carry,” Schmidt said.

“If you’re in one state and you have a concealed carry permit from another state, you ought to be able to have reciprocity. You can see the people who have concealed carry permits by and large are much more law-abiding, safer and know how to handle guns and keep themselves and those around them safer by having a concealed carry weapon,” Congressman Scalise said.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act was introduced last year in the U.S. House and has 166 cosponsors but has yet to receive consideration for a vote on the House Floor under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Congressman Scalise also touched on the importance of Supreme Court Justices who uphold Second Amendment rights as outlined in the Constitution. Referencing a 2008 5-4 Supreme Court decision on Washington D.C.’s gun ban, Congressman Scalise said, “Luckily, I think the Court has gotten better now, but still to think that there are people on the Supreme Court today who don’t think the Second Amendment means you can have your own gun in your own house — they’re sitting on the Supreme Court right now. That’s why this Amy Barrett pick is so important.”

He continued, “You don’t get on the Court to make your own laws or to carry out your personal agenda. You’re supposed to follow the Constitution. I want more people on the Court like that — and Amy Barrett is fortunately one of them.”

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