Charter Arms PROFESSIONAL To Debut At USCCA Concealed Carry Expo

March 13, 2019



Charter Arms PROFESSIONAL Set to Debut at USCCA Concealed Carry Expo


West Bend, WI - Charter Arms will unveil a new seven-shot revolver, chambered in .32 H&R Magnum, at the USCCA's annual Concealed Carry Expo, May 17-19 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

The revolver, called the "PROFESSIONAL," was designed with input from the editorial staff of Concealed Carry Magazine. 

"When we started talking to Charter Arms about this gun, we wanted to make a true fighting revolver. It has to be something that is easy to carry and comfortable to shoot and that offers increased capacity over other small revolvers," said Kevin Michalowski, Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine. "In early testing of the gun, it has done everything we wanted such a revolver to do." 

Charter Arms achieved those goals - and more - in the creation of the ROFESSIONAL. Sporting a 3-inch barrel with a full underlug, the PROFESSIONAL is a superbly balanced handgun that is easy to shoot, carry and conceal. The .32 H&R Magnum chambering offers two additional rounds over a .38 Special of the same size, and the .32 performed equally well in ballistic gel testing with the new gun. 

"The .32 H&R Magnum penetrated just as deeply as the .38 Special, and the 3-inch barrel on the PROFESSIONAL gave that little bit extra to help the .32 expand more effectively than a .38 coming out of a 2-inch barrel," said Michalowski. "I'm really happy Charter Arms agreed to go with the 3-inch tube." 

The coming-out party for the new revolver will be at this year's USCCA Concealed Carry Expo, held May 17-19 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. Guests will get to shoot the new gun free of charge at the indoor range during the event. Expo sponsor Galco has already created a new holster for this revolver based on its famous Combat Master holster. The Charter Arms PROFESSIONAL will go on sale to the general public May 17. 

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Charter Arms Professional




Model: 63270
Capacity: 7 rounds
Caliber: .32 H&R Magnum
Finish: Blacknitride+™
Weight: 22 ounces, unloaded
Barrel: 3 inches
Length: 7 13/16 inches
Front Sight: Green LitePipe
Grips: Contoured Walnut
MSRP: $438.00

About the USCCA: 

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