Walt Disney World Resorts’ Concealed Carry Policies


Dear Editor,

I am a USCCA member, and I recently made a trip to the Walt Disney World Resorts in Florida. I’ve consulted many a website, including USCCA’s, and talked to a lot of gun owners as well as searching the Disney websites high and low and never found a published word about their concealed carry policies. Even my brother-in-law who is a Florida narcotics detective could not answer the question for me. I finally located a source within Disney’s organization that sent me the attached email. Their policies are quite clear. I thought this might be helpful to other USCCA members.


— Phil Paonessa


Dear Phil,

Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World Resort.

It may interest you to know we have a strict policy regarding firearms.

Our policy is that no guns are permitted in our theme Parks or Resorts.

If a resort guest brings one on property, it must be locked up in the safe deposit boxes at the front desk, not in a room safe. If guests visiting our theme parks bring in firearms, it must either be left in their vehicle, or checked in with security when entering the park. Only on-duty law enforcement officers whose agency has jurisdiction at the Walt Disney World Resort may carry any weapon.

If you have questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us.


— Betsy Mayer, WDW Online Communications


PLEASE NOTE: All information is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed just prior to your visit.

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  1. Do you happen to have the contact information for Ms. Mayer?

  2. The parks and resorts would actually be safer if the did allow for concealed carry, of course.

    1. I agree. I also think EVERY place would be safer with ccw persons carrying. As long as they’ve had some training and have been to the range and KNOW how to handle situations.

  3. So what were you expecting? WDW is one of the most liberal places on earth.

  4. ‘Only on-duty law enforcement officers whose agency has jurisdiction at the Walt Disney World Resort may carry any weapon.’

    Technically speaking, any off-duty Officer in the State has jurisdiction at the Resort, since the authority of an Officer extends to anywhere in that state.

  5. It is apparent that Disney rules only allow their police and illegal bad guys may carry concealed. Honest, forth right Americans who legally carry by Federal and State law cannot.

    Liberal Disney people need to get their heads out of their asses.

    I will follow their rules – but I will not be happy.

    1. The problem is with all of ud concealed carry folks! Quit whinning! Do as I do! If all ccw folks would not patronize every anti ccw establishment and write a leetter explaining why it would change, there are millions of us for folks. Problem with our group is we ARE NOT CONVICTED ENOUGH TO OUR BELIEFS TO ACT. my wife and I love goin to the movies………not anymore. Not until I can carry or never.

  6. You can actually legally carry in WDW as long as your permit is valid in Florida. They don’t like it and if noticed will ask you to leave. However, by state law places banning weapons that are not specifically mentioned as “off limits” in the state law DO NOT HAVE FORCE OF LAW. Meaning, amusement parks are not listed under FL state law as “off limits”. Even if WDW had signs posted all over saying no guns allowed (They don’t) . It would still be legal for you to carry in. However, if noticed you will be asked to leave immediately. And if you refuse, then you will be in the wrong. My advice, small pocket piece you are able to fully close in a zipper pocket on your body. No one notices, plus it will not fall out on any rides.

    Do “No Gun Signs” Have the Force of Law?
    “Handgunlaw.us highly recommends that you not enter a place that is posted “No Firearms” no matter what
    the state laws read/mean on signage. We recommend you print out the No Guns = No Money Cards and
    give one to the owner of the establishment that has the signage.” As responsible gun owners and upholders of
    the 2nd Amendment we should also honor the rights of property owners to control their own property even if
    we disagree with them.”

    “No Firearm” signs in Florida have no force of law unless they are posted on property that is specifically
    mentioned in State Law as being off limits to those with a Permit/License to Carry. If you are in a place not
    specifically mentioned in the law that is posted and they ask you to leave, you must leave. If you refuse to
    leave then you are breaking the law and can be charged. Even if the property is not posted and you are asked
    to leave you must leave. Always be aware of the possibility that responding Police Officers who may have
    been called without your knowledge and may not know the laws on trespass etc. could arrest you even if you
    are within the law.

    1. Let me know how handing your No Guns = No Money card to Bob Iger goes.

  7. Has anyone ever heard of someone leaving/loosing a firearm at WDW and it then being turned over to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department who then, by their own policy, sends it off to the state crime lab for a ballistics check even if the owner has contacted them?

  8. The first thing one is taught when carring a firearm is to pick your battles. It is by far better to desecrate than to engage. With that in mind, Disney does not want weapons on their properity. If you choose to carry then by all means do so, however you may be bared from the park indefinitely.

  9. I was just in WDW, we were headed back home when we decided to swing by one more park. I have my small 380 in its holster with the clip inside( no bullet in the chamber ) safety on with a zipper holster, in a back pack it was in glove box. I’m not a CWL yet, I’m actually taking the class this weekend. Reading the reply that was posted in this thread. I went to the security guard in the package check advised him of the weapon and that I would like it to be secured. Because. From past experiences of vehicles being broken into. I did not want it to be in the vehicle. Next thing I know I was being escorted by a police officer 4 security guards and stuck into a room waiting an hour and half for there decision to kick me off the Disney grounds. A report was filed and was stated to me that no weapons are allowed on Disney grounds that means means the parking lot as well. Whether you have a concealed permit or not. Was stated to me since I came forward and told him bout it, That I would not be arrested. So basically doing the right thing means, your doing the wrong thing. Officer said I was lucky it wasn’t a police officer with less experience cause they are quick to arrest the person. I’m just amazed of the whole situation.

    1. One thing I learned early in my concealed carry life is… Don’t ask… don’t tell! I say…If I have to use my “banned” weapon to save or protect a life on a merchant’s property… let ‘em sue!

  10. pastorpaul@comcast.net

    I planned my trip to WDW/Magic Kingdom for yesterday, and, knowing their policy, left my pistol in my room. I was amazed that, when I took the big boat across the lake and then passed thru security, all they did was look in my backpack. I didn’t have to empty my pockets. They had no metal detector. They had no one wanding people. I could have carried my 9mm on my hip, and they wouldn’t have had a clue! I was rather frustrated–not only that I didn’t bring my pistol, but that their security was so lax that any bad guy could get in there with a weapon and wreak havoc at any moment!!

  11. As a previous commenter said, a policy is not a law. Legislative bodies (e.g., the Florida Legislature) can allow private entities set their own policies about firearms on their property… but not their own laws. On top of that, the U.S. Constitution cannot be “farmed out” by elected officials to allow private parties the right to rewrite the 2nd Amendment as they see fit.

    If your fear of mayhem at WDW is great enough to cause you angst, then bring your firearm! If you’re asked to leave because of it, leave peacefully.

    Me… I’ll take the chance, and pass on the overt security measures of pat-downs, metal wands, and other 21st-century “realities.”

  12. This is how the so called moderate left views Florida gun laws, and the potential for safety risks within the park.


    Imagine that – The radical left wing V8 engine (The Brady Group) firing on 2 cylinders, gives Florida a -20 rating. The lower the rating by Brady the higher they are on my list. I have a Utah Concealed, an Arizona Concealed, will be getting a Nevada Concealed (I do security in all three – and got the Arizona because they used to have reciprocity with Nevada).
    Utah has reciprocity with Florida, and I am a free citizen who is entitled to carry concealed. And while I appreciate what I believe Disney’s right to eject people who are found to be carrying, their right to do so does not trump my right to self-defense. And since Disney has fired most of their previous staff, and filled those spots with illegals, they seem to have a disregard for the law, where I am compliant. So if they can’t abide by immigration law, I have no intent to abide by park policy.

    I was never going to be a park visitor there again due to their Human Rights, but the Military Appreciation Week is coming up, and we need to show Disney were our values and support lay.

  13. A couple of items stand out:

    1st, Disney does not post anything at entrance to their property, parks, etc. saying that weapons are not allowed. No policy posted means you are following state law. Unless Florida law specifically lists the WDW as being gun free then there is absolutely nothing that prevents you from carrying concealed there (as long as you have a valid permit).

    2nd, If Disney does in fact have a policy, it is not stated properly. An email provided by some unknown person does not constitute policy.

    3rd, “IF” there is a policy against weapons on WDW grounds, even then, if you are found to have a weapon all they can do is ask you to leave. They cannot arrest, detain or anything else. If you refuse to leave then you can be charged with trespassing. This is all assuming you have a valid permit to carry.

    No posted policy at the entrance to WDW or on their printed brochures would mean they have none — whether some unknown communications director makes up some words in an email — or not.

    BTW – I just got back from Fort Wilderness staying a 5 days and carried my 40 S&W MP Shield

  14. Disney has added metal detectors. I’ve been ‘randomly selected’ 2× at Magic Kingdom this week, and the person in front of me was selected at Epcot Easter Sunday. I haven’t seen anything detected, so I don’t know what they would do. I had left mine in the car.

  15. On the tram ride into the WDW parks, they ask you to return your selfie sticks, weapons, anything that looks like a weapon to your car.

  16. anyone know if they scan you upon entry?

  17. Won’t go back to WDW ever unless they change their insane anti-weapons rules or actually secure the entire facility with magnetometers and hand searches for every person and package entering. The place is like a shooting gallery and they think a few deputies at the entrance will protect you. Anyone with the slightest imagination could see how vulnerable they are and their solution is to hassle people with Concealed Weapon Licenses. Wow, they have chem wep and radiation detectors. That won’t do much good against an assault like the one at the Islamabad Marriott in ’08 or the Westgate Mall attack in ’13.

  18. Going to magic kingdom and animal kingdom with a school group this weekend. As an adult traveling with my son it is my duty to protect him. I have a cc permit. Do they scan or metal detect at these parks?

    1. They installed several walk through metal detectors at the entrance of each park and randomly select Guests to pass through them. Chances are good that you’ll be “selected”

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