When a company decides it no longer wants your money, that means it’s time to spend your money elsewhere. Now that Walmart has decided to stop selling handgun and modern sporting ammunition, you will need to look to other places to make those purchases.

Shop Local

Before you do anything else, stop by your local gun shop and pick up a few boxes of ammo. It’s important to keep your neighborhood brick-and-mortar in business because that’s likely where you turn for your FFL transfers, your gunsmithing and your “I-need-it-today” range necessities. We in the shooting community all need to support local gun shops over big-box stores whenever we get the chance. On that note, consider visiting your local hardware or farm supply store if you haven’t already. You might be surprised by how extensive an ammo selection you’ll find there.

The Future Is Digital

For more substantial purchases, hop online and prepare to be amazed. Companies such as Brownells, Palmetto State Armory and MidwayUSA regularly offer bulk pricing on ammunition and sometimes even deliver it to your residence free of charge. If you subscribe to their emails, they’ll keep you in the loop on sales and shipping specials. Ordering online is simple and easy, and I’ve had nothing but good luck with these businesses when it comes to getting my ammo through the mail. As with all things firearm, make sure that what you’re trying to do is legal where you live and that you won’t be breaking any laws.

Yes, it would certainly seem that the nation’s largest retailer would prefer gun owners to leave their rights in the car and purchase their ammunition elsewhere.

And you know what?

I thank them for their honesty. I’d hate to offend them with either my presence or my patronage, and I’d far rather spend my money with those who share my belief in our God-given rights anyway.

Ed Combs
Senior Editor
Concealed Carry Magazine