Self-Defense True Stories — May/June 2017

Texas Jogger Defeats Armed Robber

An Arlington man was jogging when a truck pulled up beside him. A young man descended to the street and approached the jogger, displaying a gun and demanding money. Rather than comply, the jogger drew his legally carried pistol and fired on the robber, striking him several times in the groin area and putting him to flight. Police received a tip a short time later that led to the apprehension of the wounded robber, who quickly confessed. Police are investigating the incident as a robbery attempt with self-defense by the jogger, who is not expected to face charges.

CBS TV Channel 11, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

Florida Man Stops Home Invasion

Two armed men broke into a Pine Hills residence and held the older female homeowner at gunpoint. Seeing what was happening, the homeowner’s son hurriedly retrieved a pistol and fired on the burglars, killing one and seriously wounding the other, thus ending the incident.

WASH Channel 2, Orlando, Florida

California Man Defends Against Granddaughter’s Boyfriend

A Redding man’s granddaughter visited his home with her boyfriend for a weekend. As the visit progressed, the boyfriend became hostile and abusive. After seeing several incidents of abuse toward his granddaughter, the older man armed himself as a precaution, then told the boyfriend he was not welcome and must leave. When the younger man attacked the grandfather rather than comply with the request to leave, the older man shot him in self-defense. Though wounded, the younger man attacked again and was shot a second time, which ended the attack. The grandfather is not expected to face charges.

KRCR Channel 7, Redding, California

Michigan Man Stops Party Store Robbery

Two men attempted to rob a Roseville party store one evening. Fortunately, a friend of the owner who was armed was visiting the store at the time. Seeing one robber pointing his gun at the employees, the friend drew his own pistol and fired on the robbers, missing them but putting them to flight., Detroit, Michigan

Georgia Liquor Clerk Wins Gun Battle With Robber

When a masked and armed man dashed into a liquor store, jumped the counter and demanded money, the quick-thinking clerk was having none of it. Drawing his legally carried pistol, the clerk fired on the robber. In the ensuing exchange of gunfire, the clerk was unharmed, but the robber was struck three times and later died of his wounds. Police say the store clerk acted in self-defense.

Fox Channel 5, Atlanta, Georgia

Illinois Man Defends Against Home Invader

When a Kewanee man heard someone kicking in his door on a Sunday afternoon, he took up a pistol when he went to investigate. When the man kicking on the door refused to desist and entered the home, the homeowner, fearing for his life, shot and killed the intruder. The homeowner is cooperating with police in their investigation and is not expected to face charges.

Peoria Journal Star, Illinois

Texas Septuagenarian Restaurant Owner Foils Closing-Time Robbery

A Houston man was leaving his restaurant after closing one night when he was jumped by two men trying to rob him. Having been robbed before, the owner was armed with a pistol for protection, which he drew and used to fire on the robbers, hitting one in the chest and throat and putting the other to flight. The wounded robber later died in the hospital. Investigating police say the owner will not face charges.

The Palm Beach Post, Florida

Maryland Man Prevents Daylight Home Invasion

A Lothian couple was at home when an unidentified man tried to break into their house. Taking up a pistol on hearing the noise, the husband tried to force the man from their home at gunpoint but had to shoot when the man lunged at him. Not dissuaded by a wound to the leg, the burglar again tried to attack the husband, whereupon the husband shot the burglar again, giving him a non-fatal head wound, which ended the incident.

The Baltimore Sun, Maryland

Missouri Vet Prevails Against Much Younger Armed Robbers

A 70-year-old Vietnam veteran was stopped by the roadside to let a friend out when two young men in a vehicle stopped next to him and pulled a gun after asking for directions. Fearing for his life, the vet drew his own firearm and fired on the would-be robbers, killing one and seriously wounding the other. A police investigation determined that the two robbers were responsible for a crime spree. The police praised the veteran, who they say acted properly and responsibly. He will not be charged.

KDSK Channel 5, St. Louis, Missouri

Tennessee Citizen Shoots Teen Who Was Attacking His Neighbor

A Woodbury resident noticed a young man acting erratically in his yard. When the resident went to question the youngster, the younger man became aggressive and attacked the resident with a knife. Fortunately, an armed neighbor was nearby, saw the attack and responded, shooting the attacker and ending the incident. The attacker turned out to be a 17-year-old junior at a local high school. Investigating police say the shooter acted lawfully.

The Cannon Courier, Woodbury, Tennessee