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True Stories — May/June 2019

Bus Stop Bully: Robbery Stopped by ILLINOIS Woman with Carry Permit

An armed 19-year-old man accosted a Chicago woman at a bus stop early one morning, demanding money at gunpoint. The victim drew her legally carried pistol and fired on the robber, hitting him in the neck and driving him off. Responding police found the robber nearby and took him to a local hospital, where he died of his wound. Authorities said the woman was defending herself and would not be charged.

TEXAS Homeowner Defends Against Five Home Invaders

When five armed and ski-masked men forced their way into his home around 1:30 a.m., a Houston homeowner took up his own firearm and defended himself. Three invaders were killed and two were wounded in the ensuing gun battle. The homeowner remained uninjured. There was no information at press time as to why the attack took place, though police continue to investigate, saying the homeowner appeared to be defending himself.

ARIZONAN Secures Home Against Four Armed Invaders

A Yuma County family awoke at 1 a.m. to the sounds of people trying to enter their home. Realizing their home was being invaded, one resident retrieved a gun and fired on four burglars — two men and two women — hitting all four. One female burglar died of her wounds at a local hospital, where all four had been taken for treatment.

ALASKA Man Stops Burglary Suspect

A homeowner near North Pole confronted a man who had just burglarized his home and stolen some tools. When the burglar charged at the homeowner, the victim fired one shot in self-defense, stopping the attack without injury. The homeowner then held the burglar for police.

Anchorage Daily News, Alaska

FLORIDA Man Shoots Housebreaker

A Sarasota resident found a man trying to break in through the back door of his home. When the invader refused an order to leave, the homeowner shot him once, wounding him. Police say the homeowner acted in self-defense.

The Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, Florida

Armed NORTH CAROLINA Customer Stops Store Robbery

On Christmas Day, two armed robbers entered a Wentworth convenience store and proceeded to hold two customers and the cashier at gunpoint. One customer drew and fired his legally carried pistol, wounding both robbers and putting them to flight.

LSU Athletes Foil Robbery Attempt

Two LSU football players were selling electronics to a man when he pulled a gun and tried to rob them. One of the athletes wrestled the gun from the robber and fired it at him, hitting him several times and mortally wounding him. No charges had been filed at press time, and police referred to it as a self-defense shooting.

WDSU-TV Channel 6, New Orleans, Louisiana

SOUTH CAROLINA Man Defends Against Home Invader

An Anderson man answered a knock on his door one night to find a stranger asking for the man’s son, who was not at home. A few minutes later, a different man knocked, also asking for the son. Growing suspicious when he saw the two men returning to his home, the homeowner armed himself with a gun. One of the strangers violently pushed against the door in an attempt to gain entry. The homeowner, fearing for his life and no longer able to hold the door closed, fired two shots, causing the assailants to leave. One was later found dead in the yard. The homeowner told police this was the first time he had ever fired his gun, which he bought recently after experiencing two break-ins within 18 months. Police are investigating the shooting as self-defense.

NEW YORK CITY Grocer Stops Armed Robbery

A young man entered a Bronx grocery store and demanded money from the owner. When the proprietor was slow to comply, the robber threatened him and jumped the counter. That’s when the owner, fearing for his life, grabbed a pistol and fired on the assailant, killing him with a shot to the head. Police do not expect the owner to face charges, saying the shooting appears to be self-defense. The gun the man used to defend himself was legally owned, and he has no criminal record.

ABC Channel 7, New York, New York

ALABAMA Restaurant Employee Defends Against Armed Attacker

A Huntsville IHOP customer complained about the service he received. Unhappy with the outcome of his conversation with two store employees, who happened to be father and son, the customer went out to his car. He retrieved a pistol and returned to the restaurant, opening fire. The attacker hit both the father and son to whom he had been talking. The younger employee drew his legally carried pistol and returned fire, mortally wounding the assailant, who died at the scene. Both restaurant employees were treated for gunshot wounds, but the father did not survive.

WAFF-TV Channel 48, Huntsville, Alabama

ILLINOIS Man Stops Armed Robbers On New Year’s Eve

A Chicago man was standing in Logan Square about 9:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve when a car stopped next to him. Two men got out and tried to rob him at gunpoint. The pedestrian drew his own gun and shot both robbers, ending the crime. Non-lethal gunshot wounds sent both criminals to the hospital. The would-be victim was unhurt.

CBS Channel 2, Chicago, Illinois

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