Hammer Down: Wisconsin Man Breaks Into Home, Pretends to be a Cop

A man used a sledgehammer to break into a home early one morning and shouted, “Police! Search warrant!” Once inside, he went to the basement, where the homeowner’s son had stayed before being arrested and imprisoned. The intruder asked for the son, then began screaming. That’s when a resident, fearing for his life, shot the assailant in the leg, causing him to flee the premises. He was arrested later at a local medical facility when he sought treatment for his gunshot wound.

The Journal Times, Racine, Wisconsin


Colorado Homeowner Captures Burglar

A Colorado Springs homeowner heard noises at around 4:30 one morning. Taking up a gun when he went to investigate, the homeowner encountered a burglar who had entered his home. The homeowner held the intruder at gunpoint until police arrived.

The Gazette, Colorado Springs, Colorado


North Carolina Man Defends Against Assault

A Greenville man was in a female friend’s home early one morning when an ex-paramour entered and accosted them. The intruder assaulted the man and forced him out of the room at gunpoint. The victim was able to retrieve a pistol he carried in his pocket and fire on the assailant, wounding him. The assailant surrendered to police once they responded to the scene. Police issued an investigation report corroborating the assault victim’s version of events and are awaiting a charging decision from local prosecutors.

WNCT-TV Channel 9, Greenville, North Carolina


Texas Driver Shot But Still Shoots Carjacker

A Fort Worth man was assaulted and shot by a carjacker but managed to return fire and shoot his assailant. The wounded driver was transported to a local hospital, while the hijacked car was found a few miles away. A man later identified as the carjacker was found walking the area where the stolen car was found, telling people he was shot, and was then taken for medical treatment.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas


Illinois Employee Stops Tobacco Shop Robbery

Three men — one armed — accosted the employees of a Rock Island tobacco shop late one evening. Seeing the armed man, an employee took up a firearm kept in the store and fired on the three robbers, fatally wounding one and seriously wounding another. Local police reviewed the available evidence and stated the shooting was justified self-defense. Aggravated robbery charges are pending against the surviving robbery suspects.

OurQuadCities.com, Illinois


Illinois Concealed Carry Permittee Defends Woman

The son of a Rogers Park woman was threatening his mother with a knife during a manic episode. Hearing the commotion, a neighbor with a concealed weapons permit called 911, then went to the home to investigate. The neighbor fired on the son when the son refused to stop advancing. The assailant left upon being wounded and was later taken into custody by responding police, threatening officers with his knife before being tasered and subdued.

CWBChicago.com, Illinois


Ohio Woman Defends Against Domestic Assault

A Wickliffe woman returned home from work early one morning when an argument developed with her live-in boyfriend. The woman went to the bedroom to retrieve a pistol after the boyfriend beat her in the head and face and then refused to let her leave the home. She fired the pistol as the boyfriend grabbed for the gun, wounding him in the hand. The woman fled the scene screaming, and neighbors called for police assistance. The boyfriend was charged with domestic violence. The woman was not charged.

WOIO-TV Channel 19, Cleveland, Ohio


New York Man Defends Against Armed Home Invaders

A Maine, New York, man had received threats from two men who then showed up at his home, armed with pistols, at around 8:30 one evening and proceeded to kick in the homeowner’s door. Armed with a shotgun, the homeowner fired on the duo when one of the intruders pointed a gun at him. One of the intruders was wounded in the abdomen, and both fled the scene. They were later arrested.

WNBF New Radio 1290 AM, Maine, New York


Tennessee Pizza Store Employee Shoots Armed Robber

A Bolivar, Tennessee, pizza store was the scene of an attempted crime at around 12 a.m. when two men — one armed with a gun — entered and announced a robbery. A store employee had his own gun and used it to shoot the armed robber dead. The second robber fled and is still being sought. Police did not charge the defending store employee, noting that he fired in self-defense.

WREG-TV Channel 3, Memphis


Georgia Man Defends Against Armed Assailant

A Snellville man was sitting in his car when another man approached him with a weapon. The armed man started a fight, and the car’s occupant used his own gun to fire on the assailant, ending the attack. The assailant was found dead on the street by responding police. No charges have been filed by authorities against the defending shooter.

The Gwinnet Daily Post, Georgia


Alabama Parking Lot Attendant Defends Against Daylight Robbery

A Birmingham lot attendant was accosted by two armed men in a parking lot near the state headquarters of the DEA and FBI. The parking attendant had his own gun, which he drew and used to shoot both robbers, killing one and wounding the other. The second robber fled the scene and was arrested when he sought treatment for his non-fatal gunshot wound.

AL.Com, Alabama