Trapped Inside: Missouri Man Defends Against Machete Attack

A Kansas City man and his mother parked their car and were about to get out of the vehicle when a machete-wielding man approached them and used the weapon to break the driver’s side window. When the couple attempted to flee through the passenger door, the assailant went to that side of the car and continued his attack. The son accessed a pistol and ordered the assailant to leave. Rather than comply, the attacker swung on the son, cutting him in the shoulder and face, and then chased him. The son fired several times at the attacker, finally hitting him in the groin and stopping the attack.

The Kansas City Star, Missouri


Pennsylvania Man Stops Gas-Station Bandit

While he was inside a convenience store paying for gas, a Bristol man saw a stranger hop into his vehicle. The owner quickly returned to his car and pulled the stranger out. The convenience store cashier observed the scuffle and dialed the police. The car thief tried to flee twice but was held at gunpoint by the vehicle’s owner. Responding police arrested the suspect on several felony charges., Pennsylvania


Virginia Homeowner Defends Against Intruder

A York County couple was relaxing on their porch when a stranger jumped a gate and accosted them. The couple fled to the security of their residence, but the stranger pursued them, trying to kick down the door and force his way in. One of the homeowners then shot the man, fatally wounding him.

WTKR-TV Channel 3, Hampton Roads, Virginia


Tennessee Man Foils Home Robbery

A Nashville man was at home washing his face after a long 12-hour workday when he heard his front-door alarm go off. Thinking it was a friend who came to visit, the man went to his living room and found a stranger holding a bottle of wine and asking for a small bottle of brandy and a lighter.

After handing over the requested items, the homeowner asked the stranger to leave. Rather than comply, the stranger pulled a pistol from his pants and demanded money. Having none, the homeowner offered to get money from his truck. The stranger led the man at gunpoint to his vehicle, where the victim took a pistol from his backpack and fired two shots into the ground, scaring off the robber. Responding police called by the homeowner’s neighbors arrested the perpetrator a short distance from the scene.

WSMV-TV Channel 4, Nashville


Kentucky Homeowner Shoots Home Invader

A Hopkinsville man was at home in bed at around 1 a.m. when he heard a loud noise. When he checked his front door to make sure it was locked, he encountered a man who was attempting to force entry from outside. When the unknown man began to enter the house, the homeowner fired one shot at him, driving him off. A man later seeking hospital treatment for a gunshot wound to the abdomen is considered a suspect in the case as the investigation continues.

WHOP News Radio; Hopkinsville, Kentucky


Pennsylvania Wife Shoots Husband During Assault

An argument between a husband and wife turned violent when he threw her to the ground and violently shook her. Fearing for her life, the Jessup woman drew a pistol she carried and shot her husband twice, hitting him in the leg and ending the incident. After an investigation that confirmed the wife’s story, police arrested the husband for assault and harassment.


Georgia Father Defends Against Stranger Demanding His Children

A Dalton man was at his mother-in-law’s home with his two children when he noticed a stranger drive his car past the house, slow down, reverse the car and pull into the driveway. He asked the stranger what he wanted, and the man said he was following a child abduction alert and inquired if the children he saw belonged to him. The father replied that they did and again asked the stranger what he wanted. Ignoring the father’s question, the stranger yelled, “Girls, is that your daddy?”

Sensing trouble, the father ordered his daughters inside, asked his mother-in-law to call the police and went into the house to retrieve a pistol. The stranger ignored his order to leave and approached the house, saying that God had sent him to get the kids and that he would not leave without the children. The father then fired a warning shot to scare off the stranger, who picked up a small log and threw it at him. After the stranger still refused to leave, the father fired a single shot at the intruder, fatally wounding him and ending the confrontation. Investigators do not expect charges to be filed against the father.

WTVC-TV, Channel 9, Chattanooga, Tennessee


Florida Armed Citizen Shoots Man Threatening to ‘Shoot Up’ a Crowd

When an argument between two women at a West Palm Beach family gathering turned into a brawl, one of the participants retrieved a shotgun from his car and threatened to shoot up the crowd. After repeated pleas failed to persuade the man to drop his weapon, a legally armed citizen drew a pistol and shot the suspect, killing him.

WPMI-TV, Channel 15, Mobile, Alabama


Oklahoma Marijuana Store Clerk Defends Against Robbery

Two men, one armed, forced their way into a marijuana store in Thackerville, demanding money and marijuana. When one of the robbers fired on the clerk, that clerk drew his own gun and returned fire, killing one robber and putting the other to flight.

KTEN-TV Channel 10, Denison, Texas


Iowa Homeowner Stops Home Invader

An Adair County man awoke one night to strange sounds, only to hear more loud noises a few minutes later. When he went to investigate, he found an intruder who had broken in through a window. The homeowner shot and seriously wounded the intruder.

The Des Moines Register, Iowa