True Stories — January 2018

Transaction Declined: Wisconsin Man Defends Against Rock-Wielding Robber

A 51-year-old Milwaukee man got money from an ATM and proceeded to walk home. That’s when a man who had seen him at the money machine decided to rob him. The robber hit his victim on the head with a rock and demanded money. Dazed but still capable, the would-be victim, who was armed, fired on the robber, hitting him and driving him off.

WZTV Fox 17, WISN-TV, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Armed Ohio Judge Fights Back Against Bushwhacker

A county judge in Steubenville parked at his regular spot near the courthouse and was walking into the building when he was fired upon by a man lying in wait for him. Fortunately, the judge was armed and, though wounded, was able to return fire, getting off five shots at his assailant. An armed probation officer just behind the judge also drew his weapon and fired on the assailant, killing him. While the assault on the judge was reported nationwide, the fact that the judge was armed and returned fire on his assailant was left out of many of the media accounts of the incident.

Illinois Fire Service Officer Defends Against Carjacker

A Chicago Fire Department lieutenant left his car running in a residential neighborhood long enough for a teenager to steal it. Seeing the theft occurring, the lieutenant tried to get the teen to stop, but the young man decided to try to run over the fireman. That’s when the lieutenant, who was legally armed under an Illinois concealed carry permit, drew his pistol and fired on the approaching vehicle, shooting the driver fatally in the chest.

The Chicago Sun-Times, Illinois

Nevada Convenience Store Clerk Fights Off Two Armed Robbers

When two armed and masked men barged into a Las Vegas convenience store at about 1 a.m. and demanded money, the clerk on duty was ready. He drew a pistol he wore on his belt and fired on the duo. The robbers returned fire before fleeing in separate directions. No one was injured in the gunfight that ended the unsuccessful robbery attempt.

Illinois Homeowner Holds Daylight Home Invader for Police

A Creston man heard strange noises early one afternoon in his home. Going to investigate, with a pistol in hand “just in case,” the homeowner found an unknown male had forced his way into the home. The homeowner held the burglar at gunpoint until police arrived to take him into custody.

WREX-TV, Rockford, Illinois

Minnesota Cellphone Store Clerk Defends Against Armed Robbers

An Inver Grove Heights cellphone store clerk was in the rear of the store when he was approached by two men. As one of the robbers held a gun on him, the clerk, who was legally armed, drew his pistol and fired on the suspects, hitting one and causing the other to flee with some cellphones.

KMPS-TV, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

California Homeowner Shoots Home Invader

When an intruder forced his way into their Escondido home early one morning, a father took up a rifle and shot the man to defend his wife and two teenage daughters. The wounded burglar then barricaded himself in the master bedroom. Responding police evacuated the family from the home and then talked the wounded suspect into peacefully surrendering.

KFMB-TV, San Diego, California

Florida Homeowner Chases Away Masked Gang

A Summerfield man was going to bed when four masked strangers shot his dog, then forced their way into the home. When one of the intruders fired through the closed front door into the home, the homeowner called for his girlfriend to get his shotgun and throw it to him. She did so successfully, and the homeowner fired one round into the lead intruder, causing him and the others to flee. The wounded home invader later died of his injuries.

WKMG-TV, Orlando, Florida

Virginia Man Shoots Burglar

A Hampton man heard noises in his home at about 4 one morning. Taking a pistol to investigate, he found a lone young man rummaging around in the residence. Seeing the armed homeowner, the intruder charged at the man, causing the resident to shoot the invader once. The homeowner then held the wounded man at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested him. Charges are not being sought against the homeowner.

WVEC-TV, Norfolk, Virginia

Alabama Man Turns Tables Against Armed Robber

A Trussville man was accosted in his apartment complex by a gunman who demanded money. Rather than comply, the victim drew his own gun and shot the robber in both legs, seriously injuring him. The robber will face felony charges on his release from the hospital.

The Birmingham Patch, Alabama

Wisconsin Man Exchanges Shots With Armed Burglar

A Medina man was confronted in his home by an armed man. Fearing for his life, the homeowner used a pistol to defend himself and ended up in a gunfight with the home invader. Several shots were exchanged, which ended with the home invader fleeing the scene. No one was injured in the exchange.

WISC-TV, Madison, Wisconsin