The victim, who feared for his life, used his legally carried pistol to fire on the attacker.

The victim, who feared for his life, used his legally carried pistol to fire on the

Texas Man Shoots Rock-Wielding Attacker

An Arlington man was attacked while in his SUV by an unknown assailant for no apparent reason. After the assailant ignored orders to stop smashing in the man’s windshield with a large rock, the victim, who feared for his life, used his legally carried pistol to fire on the attacker, wounding him in the leg and ending the incident.

The Dallas Morning News, Texas

Michigan CCW Holder Foils Bank Robber

A Warren man with a CCW permit was the sole customer in a bank when it was robbed. The robber pointed his gun at bank staff and the customer several times during the course of the incident. After receiving money from a teller, the robber again pointed his pistol at the customer, at which time the customer, an autoworker, drew his own pistol and fired on the robber, hitting him three times. The robber fled the bank but collapsed outside, where responding police apprehended him. Police do not expect to charge the bank customer in the shooting, which was in self-defense.

Ohio Woman Kills Home Invader

A Dayton woman heard glass breaking in the early hours of the morning. Having been burglarized five times in the past 11 years, she took up a pistol and hid in her bathroom. Being stopped in his entry attempt by window security bars installed after a burglary the previous month, the home invader climbed a porch pillar and broke through an upstairs window to gain entry to the home. When the 46-year-old homeowner saw the intruder approaching her, she shot him in the chest. The wounded burglar fled the home and responding police found him dead a short distance away. Police say it looks like self-defense, but local prosecutors will review the case and make a final determination on whether charges will be filed in the case.

Mississippi Man Defends Against Workplace Attack

An Ellisville mechanical shop owner was criticizing an employee’s work when the employee threatened him with a sledgehammer. Though the employee put the hammer down when ordered to do so, the owner retrieved a pistol from his nearby camper “just in case.” A short time later, the employee came after the supervisor again with the sledgehammer, whereupon the owner drew the pistol and shot this attacker once in the chest, killing him. Police report the investigation is continuing into the incident.

WDAM-TV Channel 7, Moselle, Mississippi

Louisiana Man Shoots Home Invader

A Harvey man was at home with his girlfriend and her daughter when the woman’s former boyfriend threatened her and her new boyfriend via telephone. Making good on his threat, he came to the home and started a fight with the new boyfriend, during which the attacker forced his way into the home. At that point, the new boyfriend shot the attacker once in the chest with a shotgun, seriously injuring him and ending the incident. Police reported the defender fired in self-defense.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Louisiana

Taking up a pistol when going to investigate, she encountered an unknown man who had broken into her home.

Taking up a pistol when going to investigate, she encountered an unknown man
who had broken into her home.

Kansas Woman Shoots Burglar

An Overton woman heard noises in her home around midnight. Taking up a pistol when going to investigate, she encountered an unknown man who had broken into her home. She ordered the man to leave, but instead he advanced on the homeowner, who shot him once in the abdomen, then held him at gunpoint for the police. Responding police took the burglar into custody and reported that the homeowner will not face charges since she fired in self-defense.

Michigan Man Defends Against Craigslist Car Deal Gone Bad

A Grand Rapids father and son went to Urbandale to inspect a car offered for sale on Craigslist. As they went to the advertised location to meet the car owner, they were attacked by three men. Fearing for their lives, the son, a CCW holder, drew a revolver and fired on the attackers, hitting two of them and putting all to flight. Investigating police found the two wounded men, both with gunshot wounds to the chest, and are still seeking the third suspect.

The Battle Creek Enquirer, Michigan

Georgia Women Resist Home Invader

Two Folkston women were at home early one morning when a local man broke into the home and assaulted them. Fortunately, one of the women was able to retrieve a handgun while the attacker was busy with the other woman, and when he re-entered her room, she shot him three times. The intruder fled the residence, only to collapse and die outside the home. Both women were treated for non-life threatening injuries sustained in the attack and then released. Police reported the physical evidence at the scene was consistent with a self-defense shooting and have referred the case to county prosecutors for review.

Florida Homeowner Shoots Home Invader

A Big Pine Key homeowner heard noises at the front of his house around 11 p.m. one night. Upon investigating, he found a man trying to break in through his front door. He fired one shot at the intruder, killing him. Police report it as a self-defense shooting, which will be reviewed by county prosecutors.

Texas Home Invaders Shot

A Harris County man was alerted to a break-in by noises outside his door at about 6 one morning. Retrieving a pistol for protection before investigating, the homeowner found three men trying to break down his front door. The homeowner fired several shots through the door at the invaders, killing one and driving off the other two. Police are still investigating the incident at press time.

ABC Channel 13, Houston, Texas


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