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The One-Handed Revolver Reload


We are getting into uncharted territory here. This is something I have never tried — something I have never trained to do — and I honestly am going into this basically blind.

Reloading a Revolver One-Handed … Is It Possible?

A viewer asked how one would reload a revolver with just one hand. My first attempt, as you see here on camera, is successful — the revolver got reloaded — but not very efficient. Certainly, there was no trouble opening the cylinder with just one hand, but things got a bit dicey from there.

The operation required that I set the revolver down. Then I had trouble holding the cylinder and the speedloader with just one hand. The cylinder wanted to turn, and I could not easily release the retainer on the speedloader with just one hand to get the cartridges out of the loader. You saw it. I was fumbling.

Things went a bit more smoothly when I stuffed loose cartridges into the cylinder with one hand, but still … the operation could not be called “efficient.” And I cheated. I only put five rounds in my pocket so I would pull out exactly the number I needed. Maybe it was not cheating, but it did seem to be easier with just five rounds in my hand instead of six, eight or 10.

Have You Ever Reloaded a Revolver One-Handed?

What do you think? How should you reload a revolver with one hand? I have absolutely no experience with such an operation and would like to hear some alternate methods. Share your ideas below…

About Kevin Michalowski

Concealed Carry Magazine Executive Editor Kevin Michalowski is a fully certified law enforcement officer, patrolling the mean streets of rural Wisconsin in his spare time. A Certified Trainer through the USCCA and the NRA, he has attended training across the U.S. as both a student and an instructor. Kevin is passionate about the concealed carry lifestyle, studying the legal, ethical and moral aspects of the use of force in self-defense.

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