SIG Sauer has introduced another variant to its endlessly expanding line of quality handgun and rifle ammunition. I know that may sound repetitive.

The M17 9mm NATO Military-Grade ammo line is designed for optimal performance in the SIG Sauer P320 M17 military pistol. It is SIG’s first +P+P and +P+ are designators identifying ammunition as carrying a higher internal pressure than is standard for ammunition of its caliber. 9mm cartridge.

SIG’s standard-pressure 9mm loads still perform excellently in their own right. Currently, four 9mm cartridges in the Elite lineup utilize the V-Crown bullet. The 9mm Elite 365 is designed for best performance in the new SIG P365 and other mini 9mm semi-autos. Meanwhile, the Elite 115-grain, 124-grain and 147-grain V-Crown loadings are designed for general pistol use. All of SIG’s 9mm V-Crown loads have produced impressive results in my clay-block tests. They also each have practice counterparts (FMJ bullets of the same weight propelled to the same velocity for the ultimate in realistic and less-expensive practice).

High-Velocity Performance

The M17 9mm ammo comes packaged in plain cardboard boxes marked “Military Grade.” Bullet weight is 124 grains for both the V-Crown Defensive and Elite Ball loadings. Designed as an ideal pairing for the P320 M17 pistol, M17 ammo is also recommended for any 9mm pistol that is approved for +P. The V-Crown cases are nickel-plated, while the Elite Ball ammo is cased in plain brass.

The standard-pressure SIG V-Crown Elite 124-grain 9mm self-defense load propels its bullet from the muzzle at 1165 feet per second. This generates a substantial 374 FPE. The +P M17 ammo with the same bullet ups the ante by increasing velocity to 1198 feet per second and 395 FPE. These figures nip at the heels of SIG’s 125-grain V-Crown .38 Super at 1230 feet per second and 420 FPE.

Load Feet Per Second Foot-Pounds Energy
V-Crown Elite 124 grain 1165 374
+P M17 124 grain 1198 395
V-Crown .38 Super 125 grain 1230 420

A Man Can Admit When He’s Wrong

It only seemed right to test the M17 ammo in a P320 M17 pistol, and SIG was happy to oblige. (I was never a fan of the U.S. Armed Forces adopting the SIG P320 as the replacement for the venerable Beretta M9 and M9A1 pistols.)

That is, until I actually fired the SIG Sauer P320 M17.

I would briefly describe the gun as a high-capacity 21st century 9mm 1911 — and I love it! I’ll certainly go into deeper detail in a future article.

I know, I know … it looks nothing like a 1911. But the M17’s polymer frame has a great grip, with a curved backstrap area that should be easily grasped by nearly everyone. The smooth single-action trigger face (sans levers or articulating joints) feels superb. I enjoyed the crispness and weight. The ambidextrous thumb safety — in the same position as the 1911 — “snicks” off and on just as crisply.

Range Time

I took both practice and self-defense versions of the ammo with the P320 to the range. Tests were run at 30 feet, two-handed and standing. I fired one full magazine before remembering that I was shooting +P 9mm. The cycle was smooth, and the 4.7-inch barrel reduced muzzle blast by consuming more powder.

The sights were dead-on to point of aim too. The trigger leant itself to a lot of single-hole repeat clustering in groups of 4 to 5 inches. Alternating between the M17 V-Crown Self-Defense (too bad the military can’t use those bullets) and the Elite FMJ practice loads, I was unable to tell just by feel which round was being used. They both felt and shot exactly the same.

The M17 ammo is a perfect pairing for the M17 or any +P-rated 9mm handgun. SIG continues to produce great ammo … and great guns.


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