I recently had the opportunity to check out the Buckeye Shooting Center, a new indoor shooting range and gun store in Newark, Ohio. While perusing the showroom, I came across a “universal” magazine carrier from Pitbull Tactical. Made in Post Falls, Idaho, the claim to be universal and the carrier’s neat design drew me to the display rack.

Pitbull’s Universal Mag Carrier is probably one of the most clever and useful accessories I’ve run across since the Arachnigrip Slide Spider. It is a relatively simple design. This magazine carrier is, in fact, a device — not a pouch — that can hold standard length 9mm to .45 ACP caliber pistol magazines in either single or double stack format. It does this automatically without modification or adjustment. And it can be worn outside the waistband or inside the waistband — also without adjustment or modification — on any 1.5-inch belt. Three colors are available: OD green, tan and black. I chose black.

How Does the Mag Carrier Work?

While the package has some pictograms on the back, I was unsure how the carrier worked. Fortunately, one of the sales personnel has been carrying his reload in one of the Pitbull carriers and loves it. He pulled his carrier, which housed a double stack magazine, off his belt to demonstrate its operation.

He had been carrying the Pitbull Universal Mag Carrier OWB. At the rear of the carrier is a plastic belt clip that flexes slightly. It can be clipped onto the belt in the OWB position with the clip at the pouches rear or turned around and inserted inside the waistband with the clip facing front. The stout clip anchors the carrier firmly regardless of which way it is worn.

On the front side of the carrier is what looks to be an “I” shaped marking, which is not just a style feature. It is a rubberized stretch band that circles the front and rear of the carrier. The body of the carrier is constructed of two polymer front and rear halves. This stretch band is what holds the front and rear halves together and allows for expansion when a double stack magazine is inserted.

The Pitbull Carrier is sized to fit a single-stack 1911-type magazine without any adjustment, holding it firmly in place. When you insert a double-stack pistol magazine, it pushes the two halves apart, accommodating the larger mag and gripping it firmly in place with the stretch band. When you remove the double-stack mag, the two halves slide back smoothly together. Mags can be worn bullets front or bullets to the rear without adjustment. Convinced by the sales associate this was a solid piece of gear, I handed over the $24.66. It’s a very nice piece of kit for the money.

Pitbull Tactical Mag Carrier Worth a Purchase?

I’ve been wearing the Pitbull Tactical Universal Mag Carrier every day since purchasing. To test it for function and comfort, I matched it with three different pistols: 9mm Springfield Armory SA-35 Hi-Power, Remington .45 ACP 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive and 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact­.

No matter which magazine was used, each rode securely and, for the most part, comfortably. I carried each of them with bullets pointing rearward. The only magazine that was slightly uncomfortable to carry was the Springfield SA-35 magazine. The SA-35 magazines are old-school, like the original P-35 magazines, with a metal baseplate that has sharp corners at the rear. One of those corners was digging into my side. For the Remington .45, I used an eight-round Wilson Combat magazine with a rubber bumper pad as the reload. And the S&W M&P has a polymer baseplate. Neither of those caused any discomfort.

The Pitbull Universal Mag Carrier is a great product. It is a clever piece of engineering and eliminates the need to change magazine carriers when you change guns or clothing styles. So far, the Pitbull Tactical website only touts the Universal Carrier, plus a rather cool T-shirt and hat. I hope an equally innovative holster is the next piece of gear on the list.


Pitbull Tactical: PitbullTactical.com