Sometimes the smallest, most inexpensive things can make a huge difference, whether in day-to-day tasks or more complicated procedures such as self-defense shooting.

One great example: the Ford employee who suggested putting a triangle near the fuel gauge to indicate on which side of the car the gas cap is located. This tiny improvement is a boon to people who drive different cars on a regular basis. The ArachniGRIP Slide Spider is a bit like that — a small and inexpensive upgrade that makes a big difference.

I’ve written in Concealed Carry Magazine about the “joys” of aging as a shooter. One such challenge is the change in certain aspects of grip strength, which can make retracting the slide of my Glock 27 more difficult. I can do it, but not as comfortably as before.

About the ArachniGRIP Slide Spider

The Slide Spider — so named because of the “legs” that emanate from the sides of the main body — is a bit more complex than the aforementioned gas-gauge triangle. It is a pre-cut piece of textured tape designed to adhere to the top of your slide above the grasping grooves. The legs of the Slide Spider then wrap down into the grooves to improve grip.

The main body of the Slide Spider adheres to the top of the slide and is available in a variety of designs. I requested a full-color American flag on the sample ArachniGRIP provided for my Glock 27.

The Slide Spider is inexpensive at just $20 and is easy to apply (if I can apply it, anyone can). As a bonus, each order contains two identical Slide Spiders. This provides insurance in case you mess one up during application. Do it right the first time, and you can put the second Slide Spider on another gun of the same type.

Installing the Slide Spider

Follow the application directions to the letter. I opted to view an online tutorial, which was helpful and ensured success the first time.

Begin by using the provided alcohol wipes to clean any dirt or debris off the slide and from within the grasping grooves; let the surfaces dry before you start the application. Then, pull the backing off of half of the Slide Spider. It is critical that you pull only one half of the backing off at a time or you may end up with a mess. Position the first half of the main body on top of the slide and bring the legs down over the grasping grooves. The main body should be positioned as close to the gun’s rear sight as possible. Once that is in place, push the legs down one at a time, gently easing them into the grooves. After situating the legs, remove the backing from the other side and repeat the process. The Slide Spider should now be solidly in place.

It was easy to apply the Slide Spider to my Glock 27 because of the Glock’s wide grasping grooves. If you order a Slide Spider for a pistol with narrower grasping grooves — such as a Ruger SR1911 — more care may be needed.

ArachniGRIP: As Advertised

The Slide Spider works exactly as advertised. It is now much easier to charge the gun with my thumb and forefinger in the slingshot method. Those six legs in the grasping grooves on each side of the slide unobtrusively provide the right amount of adhesion without messing up the appearance of the gun. The flag design — or whichever design you choose — enhances the overall appearance and marks the gun as yours.

The Slide Spider will also assist you in racking the slide if your hands are wet or sweaty. It really is a brilliantly simple way to enhance pistol operation. ArachniGRIP also has its own line of concealment holsters by Elk Creek, as well as other accessories and enhancements. Check out the full product line at