Your belt needs to hold up more than your pants. Those thin, little “golf belts” just don’t cut it when you want to carry a gun. You need something more substantial if you want your gun and gear to stay in place. You also want something that has enough adjustment to be really comfortable. Nexbelt has both of those bases covered.

Using a super-cool ratcheting belt buckle that allows you to adjust your belt in one-quarter-inch increments, Nexbelt has taken a step up into the concealed carry belt market by creating a belt that is wide enough and durable enough to carry a gun every day.

The Supreme Appendix Belt shown in this video is 1-3/8 inches wide with a belt buckle that is only 1 inch by 1.5 inches, perfect for those who carry a gun up front. It also works very well for traditional 4 o’clock or even cross-draw carry. The heavy-duty nylon is reinforced to make the belt stiff enough to hold all of your EDC gear. Consumers spoke, and Nexbelt listened. Retailing for less than $60, this belt is ultimately comfortable and incredibly adjustable. This is a top-notch belt for concealed carry.

Ratchet and Release

After the original Nexbelt debuted, a few people actually called in because they were unable to figure out how to open the ratcheting belt buckle. It’s the button on the bottom. Just push the button and pull the belt out of the buckle.

About Kevin Michalowski

Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine Kevin Michalowski is a USCCA and NRA Certified Trainer and is a graduate of the Force Science Institute Certification Course. He has participated in training as both an instructor and a student in multiple disciplines. Kevin is also a fully certified law enforcement officer working part time for a small agency in rural Wisconsin.