I’ve been recently impressed with Lucid Optics’ line of rifle (L7) and spotting (SC9) scopes and have gotten a good deal of use out of them. And in the ever-evolving world of firearm optics, Lucid Optics has once again proven its prowess with the P8 4X Prismatic Carbine Combat Optic. I recently had the opportunity to put the P8 to the test, and I must say, it’s a game-changer. Its vivid blue reticle outclasses any conventional red dot reticle on the market.

About the Lucid P8: A Compact Powerhouse

The P8 is a fixed 4-power optic, designed primarily for use on M4-type carbines. However, its versatility shines through on various platforms, including a Henry 9mm Homesteader or any of the updated lever-action models that allow for the addition of a Picatinny optics rail. I happened to already have a Springfield Armory 9mm Saint Victor Pistol Caliber carbine (review forthcoming) on hand with which to test the P8.

Before you dismiss the fixed magnification, remember that there was a time when fixed 4-power scopes were standard on hunting rifles, proving their effectiveness even in close-range scenarios. Crafted as a prismatic optic, the P8 boasts a combination of specific asymmetric lenses, high-end phase-corrected silver-coated prisms, as well as polymer and extra-low dispersion (ED) glass. This high-quality optical glass enhances light transmission, decreases light dispersion and minimizes color aberration. It was designed to be the sharpest, clearest, most brilliant combat optic available. The result is a sharp, clear, and brilliant combat optic that stands out in the crowded market.

User-Friendly Design and Operation

The P8 is powered by a single AAA battery housed in an easily reached cylindrical compartment on the right side of its housing. Lucid recommends lithium batteries to achieve the expected 25,000 hours of battery life.

With two intuitive primary controls, operating the P8 couldn’t be simpler. On the top of the optic are plus and minus marked buttons that control the brightness. The plus also serves as the on switch when held for three seconds, and the minus functions as the off switch in the same manner. The P8 will also automatically power down in two hours should you forget to turn it off.

Elevation and windage controls are also on the top of the optic and conveniently marked. A rear focus ring ensures quick adjustments. A removable anti-reflective sunshade cover adds to the optic’s thoughtful design.

The Lucid P8’s rail mounting system uses two Torx screws to tighten the rail clamp. I used a standard full-sized Torx driver to mount my P8 though a small key-sized plastic Torx driver was included. Lucid warns not to apply any more than 22 inch-pounds of torque to the screws when tightening. Not having a torque wrench, I tightened the screws to “common-sense tight”… which seemed to work fine.

The Lucid Optics P8 4x Prismatic Carbine Combat Optic boasts exceptional durability with waterproof capabilities rated at IPX8, shockproof resilience extending up to .458 SOCOM, and fog-proof reliability through nitrogen purging. Additionally, its lenses are fully multi-coated, ensuring optimal clarity and performance in various conditions. More important than the torque warning, Lucid emphasizes avoiding cleaning solvents on the lenses, suggesting a soft lens cloth and, if necessary, distilled water for cleaning.


Magnification: 4X
Lens size: 24mm x 30mm
Overall length: 3.4 inches
Weight: 8.4 ounces
Power source: AAA battery
Construction: 6061 aluminum
Color: Matte black
Operating temp: -10 F to 140 F
Parallax: 100 yards
Field of view: 35 feet at 100 yards
Eye relief: 3 inches
Illumination color: Blue
Adjustment value: ¼ MOA per click
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
MSRP: $599.99

The BLUE reticle is far more advanced than the traditional single-dot aiming point that has been standard for most close-range red dot sights, which also have only 1X magnification and are designed for 100 yards and closer. The P8’s reticle allows the shooter to hit with more confidence at extended ranges. The center aiming dot is 2 MOA and is surrounded by a 16 MOA semi-circle. Horizontal and vertical marks at the 12, 3, and 9 o’clock positions are helpful for holdover and moving target calculations.

Field Test of the Lucid P8 Prism Optic

Relegated to shooting at the indoor barn range on a drizzly Ohio day, testing was limited to 50 feet. Forgoing the available interior lights for the opaque skylights created an effect similar to early dusk, which highlighted how vivid the blue reticle was and how well the optic gathered ambient light. The blue reticle is just as vivid in bright sunlight if you dial up the brightness.

I loaded the Springfield Saint Victor PC with Wilson Combat 135-grain remanufactured hollow-base flat-nose ammunition. Velocity of this excellent practice round is 950 feet per second from a 5-inch barrel. My initial sight-in rounds from 20 feet were dropping into the 6 o’clock area of the 10-ring on the B27E target. Adjusting the elevation a bit brought the shots up into the center of the orange X-ring. Stepping back to 50 feet, head shots were easy to attain, as were solid hits in the upper left target score explanation box and the scorekeeping block on the right.

Buying a P8 4X Prismatic Combat Optic

Aside from its performance, one of the most remarkable aspects of the Lucid P8 is its affordability. Despite an MSRP of $599.99, it is currently available on Optics Planet for an astonishing $396. In the realm of carbine optics, the Lucid Optics P8 4X Prismatic Carbine Combat Optic stands out as a compact powerhouse. Its advanced features, user-friendly design and affordability make it a compelling choice for gun owners seeking precision and versatility. Whether you’re using an M4 carbine or exploring other platforms, the P8’s blue reticle and top-notch construction make it hard to beat. For those considering their first combat optic, the Lucid P8 is undoubtedly worth a look.


Lucid Optics: LucidOptics.com
Wilson: WilsonCombat.com
Springfield Armory: Springfield-Armory.com