Recent statistics have revealed a disturbing increase of more than 800 percent in attacks on churches and synagogues over the past six years. These attacks encompass shootings, violent assaults and even acts of vandalism — events previously unimaginable in such sacred spaces.

Enhancing Firepower and Capacity

Not too long ago, carrying one of my two single-stack 1911s to church felt sufficient. Renowned for its accuracy, reliability and power, it met all my needs … until it didn’t. As church and school shooters began to wield high-capacity rifles and carbines, as seen in the recent Covenant Presbyterian Church School and Lakewood Church shootings, the need for a more robust defensive strategy was apparent. A handgun with a 4.5- to 5-inch barrel is ideal for maximum velocity and accuracy.

My solution was a well-equipped, full-sized Gen II Glock 17. It is often used as my “test mule” for ammunition, as well as through a couple of iterations of XS fixed Sights. With a Crimson Trace Green Lasergrip, it was ready for church duty, but I didn’t have a lightweight ammunition supply to keep the Glock 17’s weight down. Enter Liberty’s Ultra-Light 9mm +P ammunition — a game changer for those of us who prioritize both lethality and mobility.

Why Choose Liberty Ultra-Light 9mm +P?

The newest addition to the Liberty lineup (and with a .380 version also available), the Ultra-Light 9mm +P utilizes the same 50-grain nickel-plated copper JHP as the 9mm Civil Defense +P load. It also delivers the same level of kinetic energy — a whopping 462 foot-pounds of energy — at the same velocity of 2,040 feet per second and with low recoil.

The use of a two-piece cartridge case, combining a nickel alloy shell with an aluminum base, cuts the weight significantly, increasing its appeal for use in church security. Each case is twice as strong as brass yet half the weight. This breakthrough design not only keeps your magazine lighter but also enhances the durability of your firearm’s breach and ejector mechanisms.

Weight Breakdown

A Glock 17 magazine loaded with 16 rounds of Ultra-Light 9mm ammunition weighs 6.20 ounces, while a magazine loaded with 124-grain Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement JHP ammunition weighs in at 9.59 ounces. A 3.59-ounce per magazine weight savings is pretty significant!

Field Performance

For those accustomed to the heft of a fully loaded duty belt, the difference is clear. The Liberty 9mm Ultra-Light ammunition is also highly effective and safe for use in a concealed carry or church carry gun.

  1. Accuracy: The accuracy of Liberty Ammunition is superb. I tested the Ultra-Light ammo at the Buckeye Shooting Sports Indoor range in Newark, Ohio, from 25 feet using my Glock 17. Aiming at the head of the B27-27 PROS silhouette, I fired five slow shots, sighting simultaneously with the XS-F8 Tritium Sights and the Crimson Trace Green Lasergrip. The five shots punched a 2-inch group with minimal effort due to the lack of recoil.
  2. Power: As expected from Liberty Ammunition, the power generated by the 9mm +P Ultra-Light load is incredible. Their design ensures maximum impact — a crucial advantage for a single-shot stop to the mid-torso.
  3. Safety in Sensitive Environments: When the expansive cavity of the Ultra-Light bullet fills with fluid, it creates increasing hydraulic pressure that causes the side walls of the projectile to burst. This explosion results in large, temporary cavities and intense hydrostatic shock, significantly enhancing the stopping power. After the explosion, the bullet breaks apart into a starburst pattern, leading to multiple wound channels. That propensity to explode in a soft target also means it will fragment when the bullet hits a hard surface such as a floor or cinderblock wall should the shot go astray. This design minimizes risks of ricochet and over-penetration, critical in chaotic scenarios where bystander safety is vital.
  4. Carry Comfort: I noticed a big difference in the comfort level of my Glock 17 when loaded with the 9mm Ultra-Light, especially when my Glock was carried in the Viper 2.0 holster. After a few minutes, the weight and bulk of my Glock 17 was almost unnoticeable, making carrying while standing, kneeling or sitting in the pew a breeze.

Choosing the Right Holster

While the Glock itself was ready to go, I needed an all-day concealment holster that would hold the concealed carry gun close to my waist and side. For a new holster, I turned to DeSantis. The best holster material for outside-the-waistband (OWB) concealed carry is natural leather. Natural leather conforms to your body, offering a level of comfort that synthetic materials can’t match. I selected a Viper 2.0 open-top holster with an adjustable tension screw constructed of tan leather. The Viper 2.0 fit my Glock 17 like a glove.

Concluding Insights on Liberty’s Ultra-Light 9mm +P Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 9mm +P Ultra-Light ammunition is not only ideal for use in school and church security but also for everyday carry as well. Not convinced? Consider firing into a 25-pound clay block. You will be duly impressed!

Liberty’s commitment to quality and innovation continues to make their ammunition a top choice for those who take their security seriously — whether in a place of worship, at school or anywhere else. Try Liberty Ultra-Light 9mm +P and feel the difference both in performance and carry comfort.


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