Glock guns came about at the very beginning of the polymer pistol revolution. Despite the early negative attention the handguns received, Glocks became and remain a very popular choice of concealed carry firearms. Some of the popularity may be attributed to the low price tags. But the primary advantage of a Glock pistol is reliability. Glocks are easily among the most reliable handguns ever manufactured. I am defining reliability here as the firearm’s tendency to fire with every trigger pull and in terms of long-term maintenance.

The manual of arms is simple. There is no manual safety; only safety features such as a striker block and safety lever set in the trigger. While many striker-fired pistols are actually single-action guns, the Glock is by definition a double-action-only handgun.

These firearms are reliable for concealed carry, well-distributed and affordable. Plus, parts replacements and magazines are widely available. And while aftermarket trigger kits should be avoided, sights such as the XS F8 would make a great addition. Glocks are available in the popular 9mm, .40, .357 SIG, .45 and 10mm calibers. Below are the Glock guns best suited to carry concealed.

The Flagship: Glock 17

The Glock 17 the flagship Glock. I would be remiss not to mention this handgun. It is easy to shoot well with modest recoil. But there are Glock models better fitted to concealed carry.

Gen 4 Glock 17 Specifications:
24.8 ounces, empty
Overall length: 7.95 inches
Barrel length: 4.49 inches
Height: 5.47 inches
Magazine capacity: 17 rounds
Average price: $450

Glock 19

By trimming the slide barrel and grip frame, the compact Glock 19 was introduced. Though the Glock 19 is a compact pistol, many shooters fire the Glock 19 practically as well as the full-sized Glock 17. Some find the Glock 19 is faster from concealed carry due to its shorter slide. The Glock 19 is among the best all-around personal-defense pistols. Reliability, shootability and the 16-round capacity add up to a great defensive tool.

Glock 19 Specifications:
23.63 ounces, empty
Overall length: 7.36 inches
Barrel length: 4.02 inches
Height: 5.04 inches
Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
Average price: $500

Glock 19X: A Favorite for Concealed Carry

Glock 19X, left, and Glock 43X, right.

The Glock 19X (left) and Glock 43X (right) are among the author’s favorite 9mm handguns.

When the Glock 19X was introduced, I was skeptical. This is a Glock 17 frame — full-sized grip — with the shorter Glock 19 slide. As it turned out, this has become my favorite Glock gun. The full-sized firing grip allows for good purchase, while a shorter slide clears the holster quickly. The pistol is plenty accurate. Recoil is modest for a 9mm, common with all Glock handguns. It makes a great concealed carry gun.

Glock 19X Specifications:
24.83 ounces, empty
Overall length: 7.44 inches
Barrel length: 4.02 inches
Height: 5.47 inches
Magazine capacity: 17 rounds
Average price: $590

Glock 43X

The long-awaited Glock 43 slimline 9mm is a fine pistol. Narrower than the Glock 19, the Glock 43 is a purpose-designed concealed carry pistol.  I think the Glock 43 is in its best role as a hideout. With a small grip and six-round capacity, this Glock gun did not meet my criteria for daily carry. Glock redesigned the grip for the 43X. The Glock 43X features a longer grip and 10-round capacity. I find the 43X an excellent all-around concealed carry Glock. I don’t shoot it as well as the Glock 19 9mm, but the 43X is a very good shooter for its size.

Glock 43X Specifications:
18.7 ounces, empty
Overall length: 6.50 inches
Barrel length: 3.41 inches
Height: 5.04 inches
Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
Average price: $450

Glock 30S

The handguns discussed thus far have been 9mm caliber pistols. The Glock 30S combines the SF (small frame) modification of the big frame Glock with a thin slide. I have average size hands, and the 30S finally offers a good fit in the big bore frame. With 10 rounds of .45 ACP on board, this is a hard-hitting pistol. The 30S demands attention to detail. If you prefer the .45 ACP, this combination is among the best all-around defensive packages, ounce for ounce, available. Accuracy is comparable to full-sized pistols.

Glock 30S Specifications:
22.75 ounces, empty
Overall length: 6.97 inches
Barrel length: 3.78 inches
Height: 4.80 inches
Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
Average price: $550

Glock 42: A Small Problem-Solver

The Glock 42 is a light, slim .380 ACP caliber handgun. The magazine holds six rounds, and the pistol is designed for a minimal footprint. I am not a fan

Glock 42

Glock’s .380 ACP Model 42 is a neat little pistol with good reliability and practical accuracy.

of the .380 ACP cartridge. The Glock 42, however, solves several problems associated with small handguns of this caliber. The Glock 42 is reliable and quite accurate. The sights are good, and the recoil is negligible. The Glock 42 is a neat handful and a viable backup to larger Glock pistols.

Glock 42 Specifications:
13.76 ounces, empty
Overall length: 5.94 inches
Barrel length: 3.25 inches
Height: 4.13 inches
Magazine capacity: 6 rounds
Average price: $400

Which Glock Gun Is Best for Your Concealed Carry?

Glock handguns are workhorses. Though they aren’t showpieces, these firearms are lifesavers. You can’t go wrong with a reliable and simple Glock for concealed carry. Whichever model you choose, be sure to train with your defensive firearm.


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