Kershaw’s new Allegory knife is a traditionally styled two-blade slip-joint, meaning it has a non-locking blade system. Users can open these by using the thumbnail to pry the blade open via a “nail nick” cut into the blade. Until the advent of the locking blade pocketknife, slip-joint was the primary system for folding knives and works well for general-use knives.

This Kershaw knife takes its name from the noun allegory, meaning a symbolic representation. The Allegory knife provides a link to America’s past, as it is a representation of a “traditional doctor knife.”

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The doctor knife dates back to the 19th century when doctors would make house calls. It consisted of two blades: a standard spear cutting blade and a round unsharpened spatula blade. The cutting blade could be used to cut pills, bandages or other wrapping material. In a pinch, doctors could also use these for minor surgeries. Doctors would use the spatula blade to mix salves or powders and as a tongue depressor. And the end of the knife was flat for crushing pills.

About the Kershaw Allegory Knife

The Allegory knife, similar to an original doctor’s knife, has two blades. Both blades, however, are super sharp. One is a clip point, while the other is a spear point. Both are positioned on the rounded side of the knife. And the other end of the Allegory features the flat pill crusher.

Knife Specs

Blade length: Both 3.1 inches
Overall length: 7.1 inches
Weight: 2.7ounces
Handle width: .55 inches

The Allegory’s bolster and liners are stainless steel with a satin finish. Blades are 7Cr17MoV satin-finished stainless steel, which offers good edge retention, wear resistance and toughness. It is a high-carbon stainless that contains both molybdenum and vanadium to improve hardness. The polished, brown canvas micarta handles provide a nice contrast with the satin stainless-steel parts.

Kershaw Allegory Worth a Purchase?

The Allegory knife from Kershaw is sleek and handles nicely. Both blades are very sharp, and the spear point blade allows you to perform extra fine work. I’ve been carrying it for about four weeks and have found it excels at various utility tasks. Its sturdy construction and solid feel promise many years of use. Kershaw’s Allegory would be an excellent choice to slide into your pocket or handbag when you don’t need to travel tactical. It also would be a great companion around a campsite for whittling or various small field chores. Its look is so traditional that using it in an office to open mail or packages won’t alarm the gentry as a larger tactical knife might.

The Allegory was designed and is quality controlled in the U.S. though China is the country of manufacture. I’ve always found the blades made in China from Kershaw to be of excellent quality. The MSRP of the Allegory is only $43.99.


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