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2021 Interview With Kershaw’s Lead Knife Designer


U.S. Concealed Carry Association Director of Content Kevin Michalowski examines seven brand-new knives from Kai USA/Kershaw. Kershaw’s Senior Designer, Jim Macnair, joins in to provide highlights of the new Kershaw knives that should have premiered at SHOT Show 2021. The annual SHOT Show trade show was canceled due to the pandemic.

New Kershaw Knives in 2021

00:25 The small Kershaw Brace includes an injection-molded reversible sheath and adjustable lanyard. It can be carried in a pocket, lashed to a pack or hung around your neck.

01:44 Kevin teases information about a special offer from the U.S. Concealed Carry Association.

01:52 Kershaw’s new Drivetrain rescue knife features an integrated carbide glass breaker and accessible seat belt cutter.

04:20 The sleek and handsome Kershaw Turismo features a reversible pocket clip and flips open with the assistance of ball-bearing washers.

05:48 The smooth-opening Collateral is sleek and minimalist, with carbon fiber handle inlays.

06:46 The easy-to-carry Cannonball from Kershaw features a PVD-coated handle and D2 steel blade. The shortened, discreet pocket clip makes the Cannonball easy to conceal in a pocket. 

08:04 Kevin asks, “What is D2 steel?”

09:04 The LAUNCH 13 is the latest iteration of Kershaw’s vaunted Launch line of automatic-opening knives.

11:10 The million-dollar question: “Is there still a good market for butterfly knives?”

11:57 The Kershaw Lucha butterfly knife required extensive R&D between designers, engineers and product-testers.

13:52 How did the pandemic affect Kai USA/Kershaw in 2020?

For more information on the full line of Kershaw knives, check out

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