Join Concealed Carry Magazine Executive Editor Kevin Michalowski in this video review of the popular Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm concealed carry micro. Kevin has owned a Hellcat since they first came out in late 2019. What does he think of it after a year? Hear him talk about his favorite features on this high-capacity little pistol and what aspects he thinks Springfield could improve.

Want to know if Springfield’s Hellcat lives up to the hype? See for yourself.

Kevin’s Hellcat Gun Review Timeline

00:15 Overview of the Springfield Armory Hellcat

00:46 Just how many guns does Kevin have?

00:52 Hellcat’s overall specs

01:26 Kevin loves the easy-to-acquire U-shaped sights

02:29 Avoiding slide bite

02:53 Pistol breakdown is simple

03:44 Reassembly is also a breeze

04:34 The free market corrects a flaw

04:57 Perfect size for concealed carry

06:12 Fore and aft slide serrations

07:07 Passive safety and slide lock ergonomics

07:59 Holsters are everywhere

08:32 Final words on the 9mm Hellcat

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