Live Broadcast With Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek, one of the greatest speed and competition shooters of all time, joins Kevin Michalowski, executive editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, for this livestream event. In September 1999, Miculek attempted to outshoot and break the legendary Ed McGivern’s speed shooting record set in 1932. Using a Smith & Wesson revolver, he not only broke McGivern’s record but also shattered two world records. Miculek holds dozens of world records and has won more than 100 national and world titles. He is regarded as the greatest professional shooter of all time. 

In this special event, Michalowski and Miculek will discuss why firearms training for both sport and self-defense are so important for responsible gun owners. No matter your skill level, you’ll find value in what this world-class marksman has to say about:

  • How competitive shooting translates to concealed carry confidence
  • Choosing and using the best tools for self-defense
  • Secrets for speed and accuracy