In my recent review of Craft Holsters for 1911 pistols, I mentioned the importance of mounting an outside-the-waistband (OWB) handgun on a high-quality, stiff handgun belt to keep the handgun properly supported. Properly supporting the firearm with a good belt keeps the whole rig from sagging, which could expose the gun and, at the least, be terribly uncomfortable.

At the start of my law enforcement career, the leather duty Same Browne gun belt rode over a standard uniform “Garrison” trouser belt. This inexpensive belt, still available for sale today, was a single thickness leather belt, with a traditional square buckle. Carrying full-sized Series 70 Colt 1911s or certain Smith & Wesson revolvers caused the belt to sag. That’s because a single thickness leather belt couldn’t properly support those heavy all-steel guns.

The Garrison belt was part of the uniform, and not much could be done in the way of solving that at the time. But using cheap belts is still a problem in the concealed and open carry community. Just a couple of years ago, I ran into a family whose members espoused open carry. But they were carrying their firearms on average off-the-rack belts and in universal-sized holsters. It looked terribly unprofessional, and their rigs were very susceptible to forcible removal by others. If they were trying to advocate for the virtues of open carry, they weren’t doing a very good job.

About the Versacarry Gun Belt

With millions of civilian concealed carriers now out there, demand for new and innovative products has increased. The Versacarry Classic Carry handgun belt is an example of a company meeting that demand.

The double-ply Versacarry Classic Carry belt is incredibly tough. It is constructed of vegetable-tanned water buffalo leather. From what I’ve read, water buffalo have an angry and cantankerous nature … coupled with a propensity to stomp your guts out. I also know that the .375 H&H Magnum rifle is considered the minimum caliber for hunting them. Big .40 and .45 caliber rifles are considered ideal. Needing rifles of that size means water buffalo must have pretty tough hides. That is why their hide makes great belts and holsters.

Versacarry hand selects top-quality buffalo hides before cutting, assembling and packaging. Versacarry makes all of its products in Texas. The 1.5-inch Versacarry Classic Carry double-ply belt uses industrial-grade bonded nylon thread to hold both halves together using a single stitch.

The Classic Carry belt comes equipped with a removable nickel roller buckle, held in place by two nickel-plated “Versacarry” marked snaps. There are two leather finishes available: black and distressed brown. I selected the distressed brown for my sample.

The distressed brown Classic Carry features black edge dressing, while the Rancher Carry belt does not. The distressed brown features a dull brown natural-looking finish. It looks like water buffalo hide! The belt tab loop is embossed with the words “Versacarry” and “Made in USA.”

Wearing the Versacarry

The Classic Carry Belt was stiff when I got it but gradually broke in after several days of use. It was comfortable from day one and only got better in the two months I’ve been wearing it. I have worn it with a number of different guns, as well as leather and polymer OWB holsters.

The firearms carried were:

  • Alchemy Arms 1911
  • SIG M17
  • S&W 9mm M&P 2.0 Compact
  • Remington R1 Executive 1911 .45

The Versacarry Classic Carry belt held all of the holsters firmly. The belt had zero issues fitting through the holster or trouser loops.

I really like Versacarry’s Classic Carry Belt. It does everything one could ask of it and more. Plus, the look doesn’t scream gun belt like a tactical styled nylon belt might.

The Versacarry Classic Carry Belt has an MSRP of $64.99. There is a limited lifetime warranty and 30-day return policy. Versacarry also manufactures a line of inside-the-waistband and OWB holsters, shoulder holsters, pocket holsters, concealed carry purses, universal holsters, micro-holsters and more.



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