Don’t go cheap when you choose a gun belt. Your belt is an integral part of your everyday carry system. A good carry belt makes your holster more secure and more comfortable. This is especially true when carrying your gun outside the waistband. A good belt will keep the holstered gun from sagging and drooping. Thickness is the hallmark of a good gun belt. Stout leather or leather reinforced with a polymer liner will give you the support you need.

You also need to understand that the size of your pants is not the same as the size of your belt. Go about 6 inches longer than your waist size if you plan to carry inside the waistband. It is also always a good idea to put some thread-locking compound on the Chicago screws holding your belt buckle on. A good belt is just one element of your CCW gear, but it is very important to keep your gun secure and comfortable. Don’t skimp on your belt.

More Than a Fashion Statement

Yes, good belts can look good too. But if you are thinking that dress belt that looks so great with your best blue suit is going to keep your gun secure, think again.