I’m sure many women can attest to the fact that it’s fun to get together with just the girls every now and then. In fact, I have several friends who plan annual trips to the beach for a small circle of ladies who have been friends for decades. I know of many churches and neighborhoods that have monthly get-togethers to host Bible studies, play Bunco or enjoy other similar social activities. And I have definitely had my share of cake decorating classes, cooking lessons and fun evenings that involve crafting or painting … plus enjoying snacks, beverages and, of course, fellowship.

These kinds of girls-only activities are valuable for escaping the mundane, for building relationships and even just for getting some validation now and then — to know that you are a normal woman going through situations that many other females have experienced! Over the last few years, it has been fun to see that girls night out has gone through some unexpected but positive changes — and that some of those changes have been directly related to firearms.

Women’s Firearms Organizations

There has been a rise of women’s organizations that are focused on this kind of fellowship and firearms training. Take DIVA WOW, A Girl and a Gun, and The Well Armed Woman, for instance. These are three popular groups that have seen growth in their memberships, in new chapters in different states and in the numbers of ladies who have pursued other firearms training and instructor certifications. These women’s groups hold local events and annual conferences, bringing together ladies from all over the country to fellowship in big ways — and all with the focus on safe firearms training.

There is also the DC Project, women for gun rights whose focus is more on Second Amendment advocacy. This organization hosts fundraisers, attends rallies, participates in nationwide training events and seeks to build relationships with local and federal representatives. It’s an amazing powerhouse of women who have come together, unified for the sake of preserving our right to keep and bear arms!

Gear-and-Accessories Get-Togethers for Girls

It’s no secret that women love to have options, and that is no different when it comes to the world of firearms. Many gals have gotten together just to have a holster night, in which the attendees discuss problems, issues and options related to concealed carry. This unique girls night out provides a rare opportunity to learn together while touching, testing and trying on various holsters to see what might meet their needs — for everything from working out to attending a wedding! I’m sure this is one reason why the Women’s Showroom at USCCA’s Concealed Carry & Home Defense Expo is always a big hit. Women love to interact with other like-minded women and get their thoughts and suggestions on all the how-tos and do’s and don’ts for the concealed carry lifestyle!

There have also been many groups of women who have gotten together for impromptu or planned gun-cleaning sessions. Why do this routine, tedious task alone when you can work together as a group, share stories, share secrets and even share products!? I’ve personally led several of these sessions (parties?!?!). We love to start out with a potluck of various savory and sweet snacks before diving into the dirty work.

Women’s Firearms Training Classes

Firearms training classes, as well, are a great example of ladies coming together with other ladies to learn, grow and experience safe and responsible gun ownership and use. I have taught countless female-only classes over the years. And it’s always exciting to see women participate in groups. While a lot of individual ladies do attend, you will often see a woman bring her friends, a daughter come with her mom or a gal sign up with her sister (or other ladies’ groups participate in this all-important learning). These women know the secret that it can be very empowering to go through these kinds of experiences with someone you know and trust. And I love seeing how firearms training has developed into a very positive and distinctive outing for girls.