Quality craftsmanship is something to be admired, whether it’s to be found in a vehicle, a clock, a firearm or a safe. And I have been nothing but in absolute awe of the beauty and the quality of our Liberty Safe. My husband and I talked about getting a safe for many years. And I spent a long time researching options, asking advice and reading reviews. In addition, many of our friends urged us to look for features, benefits and options first … and then start to digest costs. But my husband and I know, just as the saying goes, “Quality doesn’t cost; it pays.” That’s why Liberty Safe was always at the top of our list.

I’ve talked about firearms storage options in the past, and I’ve mentioned “traditional” safes as the #1, common-sense first choice. But the Liberty Safe is worth talking about in more depth. Our made-in-the-USA Lincoln 25 model, with its gray gloss sheen and silver pin-dot velour interior, is truly stunning. It could easily be a fixture or a showpiece in a room of the home. But, of course, the most impressive and the most important feature of our Liberty Safe is its ability to protect and store firearms, gear and other valuables … and to keep unauthorized users (especially children) away from things they should not have access to.

For the safe storage of firearms used for hunting, competition, collection or “just because,” what better way to keep them safe, organized and still accessible? Beyond the 12 color choices, the Lincoln series features automatic on/off interior LED lighting, a jewelry drawer and 90 minutes of fire protection at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has one of those sleek, five-point handles that makes me feel transported into an old Western movie (but no worries about the bad guys in the black hats). Besides the lifetime warranty against fire and attempted break-ins, the security is top-notch, with bolts, lock guards, defensive barriers and ball-bearing hardplates to prevent drilling or side-punching (along with an 11-gauge steel door and an electronic lock for extra security and durability). And best of all is the interior versatility and flexibility; the inside of the safe contains a variety of pockets and shelves and is put together so it can be adjusted to suit just about anything you have to go in it. (With a variety of additional drawers, vaults, racks, hangers and shelves, you can also accessorize your safe until your heart’s content.)

I can never emphasize enough the importance of keeping firearms secured. If your firearms are not put away so they’re inaccessible to unauthorized users, then it could just be an accident waiting to happen. Fortunately, there are many effective methods for keeping guns out of reach, and a quality, durable safe is a very sensible and logical option.

Our safe has certainly exceeded our expectations and increased our sense of relief and our peace of mind. Confidence is knowing that you have a safe that will do what it says it will do. And we don’t have to worry when we leave the house or when we are home. Everything is secure and protected … from the criminal or from the curious. And my family is looking forward to a lifetime of high-quality, trouble-free protection and a little room to grow before we need another Liberty Safe!

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