I’ve mentioned before that I am an organization nut.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” would truly be a dream come true for me! With that, I am always looking for better, easier and more effective methods for storing or carrying important items and just for managing the everyday trinkets and random doodads of my busy life. That’s one reason why I am instantly intrigued by purse organizers. Some of the best models fold in and around themselves with seemingly endless compartments to effortlessly contain and organize the contents of your purse. The best thing: You can take the whole organizer out and swap it right into another handbag … with no removing, reorganizing or fidgeting with items.

When I first came across Packin’ Neat by Kristin — a purse organizer for concealed carriers — I knew it would be a perfect match. With five handy pockets for tucking away the necessities (including items such as your phone, wallet, sunglasses and keys) as well as the essentials (flashlight, knife, pepper spray, firearm and extra magazine), this tactical organizer can be easily moved from one purse to another … or to a gym bag … or into the console of your vehicle!

With many women changing handbags to match outfits — whether to go with the seasons or simply to tackle the family gear — this is a fantastic and, more importantly, safe option for concealed carry. In fact, the patented Packin’ Neat system includes a removable, ambidextrous and durable nylon holster that positions the firearm correctly for accessibility while providing proper trigger cover. It turns just about any bag, briefcase, backpack or tote into a concealed carry bag. That’s right! You don’t have to spend money on a special concealed carry bag. Your favorite Coach, Kate Spade or Michael Kors can play that role. (And so can that Under Armour, The North Face or Carhartt, for that matter!) Just simply drop in the sturdy, structured Packin’ Neat insert. Open the magnetic clasp on the holster pocket if you need to retrieve your gun. You won’t have to go digging for items in your purse since they are all tucked away in their pouches. And you won’t have to worry about your firearm since it’s protected in a dedicated reinforced pocket.

For me, the Packin’ Neat system is a handy go-to option, especially if I am in a hurry or when I have to change bags a lot (for work, to travel, for various events or otherwise). While I can on-body carry my Glock 43 in a hybrid appendix holster, my Packin’ Neat system organizes all my practical and tactical essentials, protects my Springfield Armory XD-S and easily pops from my favorite handbag into the console of our 4Runner — or even into a small shopping tote.

Available in black or zebra pattern or in limited-edition khaki or chocolate, this practical, one-size-fits-most carry solution comes in four sizes (Tactical, The Skinny, The Boss and The Mini) to fit various purse sizes. These options accommodate a variety of gun models such as compacts, subcompacts, revolvers and even stun guns or pepper spray. So pack neat. Pack safe. And continue your concealed carry lifestyle with your everyday carry and/or your backup gun.