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We have seen that evil does not respect those who worship. When we talk about defending a house of worship, or fighting in any crowd, target isolation is the key to making sure you stop the threat and do not endanger anyone else.

Remember, good muzzle management means keeping your gun pointed in a direction that will cause no unintended injury and only minimal property damage. When trying to stop a mass murderer, we certainly intend to cause injury to the person attacking our loved ones, but we desire to injure no one else. That means we have to do some things differently when fighting in a crowd.

We cover this in an upcoming edition of the USCCA’s Proving Ground, where security professional Ron Aguiar discusses the need to “close the gap” in order to ensure your rounds are on target. It may be counterintuitive to move toward danger, but if your goal is to preserve life, you need to ensure your bullets strike only the person intent on doing harm. Luckily when something like this happens, most people drop to the floor, leaving the shooter as the only person standing tall, making him an easier target. But closer shots are always better than longer ones.

We Can’t Tell What Will Happen

We can’t plan for every eventuality, but if we think about the things that might happen, we can prepare adequately for the worst cases. Think differently in a crowd. Do what you must to stop the shooter quickly.

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