Belly band holsters are a perfect fit for an active lifestyle. They have a lightweight and slim form-fitting design that hugs the body, allowing you to comfortably conceal and secure your handgun and other everyday carry (EDC) essentials. Because belly band holsters rely on stretch material to conform to the wearer’s body, these work with all manner of apparel.

Galco’s UnderWraps Elite is an update of the traditional belly band. It offers more options than any other holster design currently on the market and allows concealed carry of a handgun and accessories in an almost limitless variety of configurations. It can be worn low on the waistline, partially under the belt line or just above it like a traditional belly band. Users can also wear the UnderWraps Elite around the torso’s mid-section on the solar plexus area.

Galco UnderWraps Elite Holster

Galco has been in the holster business for more than five decades. They certainly know a lot about holsters. The holster component is what really sets the UnderWraps Elite apart from the rest of the pack. It features a single holster component, which can be placed anywhere along the belly band. The holster employs an adjustable, internal welt to safely and securely accommodate literally hundreds of different handguns, including those equipped with most carry optics.

Not only is the holster component adjustable and reversible, it accommodates right- or left-hand draw. The holster cant is adjustable as well to accommodate strong-side, appendix or cross-draw carry. UnderWraps’ holster component completely covers the trigger, as is essential for safety, and allows for a full firing grip for a proper draw.

Galco used premium full-grain, chrome-tanned leather. This is similar to the softer leather found in the harness components of Galco’s shoulder systems. It is a more supple leather and has better water resistance than vegetable-tanned leather. Chrome-tanned leather is also more resistant to sweat and stains compared to vegetable-tanned leather. The holster component has a smooth exterior for comfort and a soft napped interior to protect the handgun.

A holster component of leather extends the service life and stabilizes a handgun in the precise position and angle preferred. It takes only minutes to adjust for firearm fit and to switch from right- to left-hand use or vice versa and from neutral cant to canted. Instructions are included in the in-depth, illustrated product information guide that comes with the UnderWraps Elite.

An Outstanding Belly Band Option

Design is ingenious. The holster component has four numbered and two lettered holes. Those holes correspond to a list in the included instruction booklet for an appropriate fit. The appropriate number and letter hole are fastened via metal slot-head bolt fasteners. Marked guide holes are on the holster backing plate to re-attach the holster in either neutral cant (marked RN or LN) or canted (marked RC or LC).

The UnderWraps Elite features a 4-inch-wide belly band made of durable military-grade, latex-free nylon elastic material. Its material provides breathable comfort for all day wear. It secures with hook-and-loop fasteners. It has two multi-use accessory/EDC pockets. The accessory pockets are form-fitting, snag-free and lay flat when empty, eliminating unnecessary bulk.

The UnderWraps Elite is an outstanding belly band that offers more options than any other holster design on the market today. It has proven exceptionally comfortable. And is stable and secure in all manner of physical activities and conceals well. I have found it to be an ideal way to carry my pistol when going out for a jog or at the gym.

The UnderWraps Elite exhibits all of the superior design, high quality and worksmanship that one has to come to expect from Galco. Available colors include black and khaki. MSRP is $82.00.

Galco designed and makes the UnderWraps and all its products in Phoenix, Arizona. Galco offers an easy and hassle-free return process for retail customers who purchased directly from them (terms apply).
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