What is your plan if your church is attacked? Where will you go? What will you do? How will you fight back?

Do you carry a gun in church? Are you prepared if someone enters your church and starts shooting? What elements of your personal-protection plan carry over to your place of worship? Have you spoken to your family, friends and fellow worshipers about this eventuality?

Does your church have a security plan or, better yet, a security team? How many more questions do you have about defending your house of worship? The USCCA will soon be presenting Proving Ground 12, focusing on this important topic. For now, one of the best things you can do is carry your gun discreetly and talk to your family about what action to take in the face of a deadly threat at church.

Just like any self-defense training, have these discussions and make these plans before you are faced with a deadly threat. Once the shooting starts, there is no time to think about strategy. You need to react immediately.

Keep Low

In an active shooter incident, the shooter often remains standing — and that provides you a safer shot at the attacker when everyone else has dropped to the floor.


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