If you are looking for a fighting revolver, there is something new on the horizon. The Charter Arms PROFESSIONAL is a brand-new seven-shot revolver chambered in .32 H&R Magnum. That gives you two extra rounds in a compact revolver that traditionally holds only five shots.

The gun was designed from the ground up to be a fighting revolver, with input from the editors of Concealed Carry Magazine. The 3-inch barrel provides a longer sight radius for the neon-green fixed combat sights, while at the same time getting all the performance it can from the .32 H&R round. Adding a bit of weight out front with the full underlug beneath the barrel helps to further control the recoil of this little fight-stopper.

Built on a steel frame, the entire gun is covered with Blacknitride+™ to make it impervious to almost anything. The finish is bonded right to the steel and will protect this pistol from the harshest treatment. The entire package is pulled together with a superbly comfortable contoured grip. It disappears when carried concealed but fills your hand nicely when firing. This is a defensive handgun worthy of a second look. It possesses everything you need and then some.

What About the .32 H&R Magnum?

Don’t think that you give up anything with the .32 H&R when compared to the .38 Special. Our testing shows you get equal penetration in Clear Ballistics gel, and the 3-inch barrel gives enough performance to open the hollow-point. That is something that doesn’t often happen with a .38 from a 2-inch barrel.

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