The ubiquitous ammo can: Most of us have one sitting around somewhere, storing something, in classic olive drab with a yellow stenciled label. It’s sort of useful, but we probably hang onto it more for nostalgia than for functionality. But what if you could get it in colors such as crimson red, burnt copper, flat dark earth, chrome-dipped or John Deere branded … and foam-lined and lockable? Now you’ve got a functional and beautiful storage case for your handguns. Not so into John Deere? How about a Ford-branded can? Or pink with white? Gloss black? Whatever your color preference, the Can Man probably has an ammo-can color scheme to suit you. And whatever color scheme you pick, you’ll have a unique and good-looking means of safely storing and transporting a couple of concealed carry guns and ammo.

The crimson red ammo can you see here has two foam-lined storage slots for handguns. No part of any handgun stored in the case will bump into the metal sides or bottom of the case; it’s fully lined. In addition to the handgun slots, there are slots for extra magazines. And there’s some room for ammo, too.

Close the lid — it’s that familiar handle which uses leverage to draw the lid down, forming an airtight seal — and the handle snaps against the can. A protruding metal post, drilled for a small Master lock (included!), allows you to lock the can to keep the guns and ammo in and unauthorized people out.

Despite the added utility and good looks, these are still the same ultra-rugged metal cans we’re all used to. The finishes are durable Hammertone powder-coated bottoms and Cerakote tops. The foam inserts are also durable and, after a couple years of use, have shown no signs of deterioration. The lid hinge and closure are robust, as are the handle and locking post. The only drawback of these good-looking cans is that because they’re good-looking cans, you won’t throw them around as much as if they were still their original olive drab color. But you can!

Prices vary, but the crimson red version is $75.

I use my Can Man for quick trips to the range, where I know I’m going to need about a half hour to run a couple boxes of ammo through one or maybe two guns. I don’t need the full-on range bag, because my safety glasses are already on and my ear protection is hanging around my neck. Don’t need the cleaning kit, the extra eyes and ears, nor multiple boxes of ammo. As much as I’d like to shoot for a couple hours, these are trips more suited to a lunch-hour-type visit. I’m doing a couple drills, trying out one particular type of ammo, practicing a key gun manipulation, etc. The Can Man works well for supporting these types of trips.

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